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Q. I’m hosting a holiday party and I’m having trouble finding the right look. I’m going to wear a dark denim jean (AG ballad). For shoes, I would like to wear a sleek pump or bootie. I can’t find a figure flattering top. (I’m short and a little curvy on the bottom). I would also consider a v neck cashmere sweater with a great statement necklace (which I don’t have either). Can you please help me pull a outfit together.

A. I host a holiday party every year and have learned a thing or two about dressing the part (sometimes the hard way). The most important thing is to be comfortable — hosting a party is hard work! Choose pieces that are chic, dressy, yet completely unfussy. You don’t want a lot of dangly bits or anything too constrictive. I also always wear something lightweight — the kitchen can get hot and there’s nothing worse than feeling warm and sweaty in a sweater or blazer.

My foolproof outfit? A pretty blouse, skinny pants or jeans and a not-too-high heel. Comfortable shoes are a must since you’ll likely spend most of the party on your feet. No need to forego heels, however, just choose a shoe that’s manageable for you. Some people can stand for hours in pointy-toe stilettos, but not me. A 3-inch heel or so is my max.

Finish your look with a sparkly holiday-worthy earring or pretty necklace that doesn’t hang too low. Here are some pieces to consider to wear with your dark denim jeans.

Q. I am attending a friend’s wedding at the end of November and I have a great dress but I’m worried about outerwear. The wedding is going to take place at a ski resort in the mountains so there’s a good chance for snow and I don’t have a dressy coat to wear to the event. This is clearly an investment piece but are there any that you could suggest on a budget? Thanks!

A. I have mixed feelings on whether one needs a dress coat in her wardrobe. Sure, it’s a nice thing to have, but is it a necessity? Not really. Presumably, you will go straight from the car to the venue where you will check your coat almost immediately upon arrival — in other words, you will spend very little time “being seen” in your coat. A classic long wool coat, especially in a dark color like black, would certainly suffice if you already have one in your closet. Another option (if you dare) is to wear a ski parka over your party dress — a favorite runway trend for designers year after year.

However, if you prefer the more traditional route of investing in a dress coat, then I would suggest a faux fur coat. It’s warm, stylish, dressy, and you can even wear it with jeans throughout the winter. Below are some faux fur options as well as some wool dress coats to try.

Q. I’m so tired of all my jeans giving me unattractive rolls at the waist (muffin top). Any suggestions?

A. I gave up on low rise jeans a long time ago for many reasons, mostly I just felt they did not flatter my waist. Higher rise jeans are your first plan of attack on the dreaded muffin top. High rise jeans may give you visions of horribly unstylish “mom” jeans, but they’ve come a long way. There are now many stylish options, mostly in skinny jean silhouettes. I just bought two pairs of Madewell high rise jeans and I love them!

If high rise jeans are not your thing, another option is to choose a slimming tank top (like this one from Spanx) or shapewear to wear under your shirts and tuck into your jeans. This will help to prevent any spillage over the top of your waistband.

Q. I have several crew neck pullover Jackie sweaters by JCrew in wines, deep blues and teals. I normally just wear these with jeans. I feel I need a necklace or something to spruce it up a bit. I don’t want anything too glitzy as I just will just wear it for daily use (mom on the go, volunteering). I’m never quite sure what type of necklace to wear with crew necks (long or short).

A. For a crew neck sweater, I prefer a necklace that is short (hits right around the neckline) or one that is longer, like a pendant necklace. One of the new trendy collar necklaces also looks great with a crew neck. In other words, just about every style necklace works!

Here are some options that are perfect for every day.

Q. I’m looking for a everyday shoe that I can wear with jeans. I love the look of flats, but I’m short and I want a little height from my shoes(1.5 to 2 inches). Can you suggest something that has the look and style of a flat, but has a little height to it.

A. Other than a flat, my favorite everyday shoe to wear with jeans this fall is actually a bootie: the Chelsea boot. One of the top shoes of the season, they also happen to be super comfortable and look great with jeans. The best part is, they are available in a variety of heel heights to suit your preferences. Here are some to try out:

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