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Q. Can short girls wear riding boots? I’m 5’1” and 140lbs. Will wearing flat boots make me look shorter or wider? I like the look and love the comfort but I want to look stylish and not stocky.

A. Flat boots can be tricky for petite women to wear. The most important tip is to choose a shaft height that works with your proportions (the shaft is the part of the boot that covers the leg, measured along the inside seam of the boot). Anything too tall will make you look shorter. The most flattering boot would hit 1” or more below your knee.

Wearing your boots with similar colored tights, leggings or jeans will also help create a flattering look for your legs. A short dress or skirt will also help to lengthen your legs. For more tips, read:

Advice for short, curvy girls about knee high boots

Frye Harness boots for a petite figure?

In search of riding boots that aren’t too tall

Q. Would patterned tights be too much with a dress like this? The one I have has a studded belt too.


A. We are huge fans of patterned tights this season, especially when stylishly paired with contrasting prints. You can absolutely wear patterned tights with your chic dress (a great purchase, by the way!). Here’s how we’d style it:


When Hanes asked us to share an uncomfortable holiday moment, it was hard to pick just one! Somehow the holidays are rife with awkward and embarrassing moments. To us, though, there is none more embarrassing than when a friend, coworker or acquaintance gives you an unexpected gift. Sure, it’s the thought that counts, but the uncomfortable feeling of not having a gift to give in return takes all the fun out of the moment.

What to do? We’ve gotten smart over the past few years and now keep a stash of generic, unisex gifts in our house, desk drawer and car. So the next time an unexpected gift is handed to us, we can joyously say, “Oh, I’ve got a little something for you too!” as we hand over a wrapped scented candle or bottle of wine. Whew, uncomfortable moment avoided!

Q. I absolutely love Hunter Welly boots! But I haven’t seen many women wearing them this season, and I’m afraid I missed the trend! Can you still wear them this year, or is that so-last-season?

A. It’s funny to think of a boot that has been around for over 50 years as a trendy item, though the last few years have spawned fashion-forward versions of the classic Hunter Wellington boot. Not only will they keep your feet dry on the rainiest day, but they look great with jeans, dresses and skirts. Whether they are this season’s trendy must-have or not, we still say there’s nothing better for puddle splashing. Whether you spend $100 on the original or opt for a more affordable version from another brand, we consider these to be a wardrobe basic that every girl should own.

Q. I want to wear this sweater for Thanksgiving but it will most likely be freezing. What should I wear under or over it?

A. This sleeveless cowl neck sweater is a little bit chunky for layering under a jacket or blazer, so try wearing a fitted long sleeve shirt underneath. Look for something v-neck or with a low neckline so it doesn’t interfere with the cowl neck of the sweater.


Q. I have a sequin shrug/jacket and I don’t know what shoes to wear with it. Can you help?

A. For most occasions, we recommend wearing just one shiny piece at a time, so try pairing a suede pump or leather bootie with your sequin jacket. For a dressier occasion, however, you can get away with a metallic or shiny shoe with your jacket, provided the rest of your look is more subdued (i.e. a little black dress). Below are some pairings for inspiration.


Q. Any ideas on where to find an inexpensive faux snakeskin cuff bracelet? I really want one.

A. Here are a few cheap chic snakeskin cuffs and bangles for you:

Q. Hello, I’m trying to find an affordable white dress that hits just below the knee for my very private wedding. I’m low on cash and only able to get a dress under $60. I need it before December 29 2009. HELP!!!! I would love to get a strapless dress. I have included links to dresses that I like. Please think simplistic chic!

A. I wish I had better news for you, but it’s nearly impossible to find a white wedding-appropriate dress for under $60 this time of year. We eliminated anything too summery and casual and came up with the following options for you. A few of them are a bit more than you want to spend, but still under $100. Good luck!


Q. I have a mini all over sequin gold dress with long arms and is backless. What color shoes should I go for? I was thinking skyscraper tall plain purple?? Please help as I’m really stuck.

A. Your gold sequin backless mini dress already has a “look at me” quality, so your best option is to let the dress take center stage by choosing subtle accessories. The gold dress shown here with black hosiery and shoes looks chic and elegant, rather than flashy. Here are a few sexy and stylish black shoes that would look great with your dress:

r47p26y.jpg.gifQ. I own a pair of PRPS bootcut jeans and I’m 5’6”. I can’t figure out what to do with the long inseam issue. I don’t want to get them altered because it would destroy the look of the jean. I tried wearing 4” heels and the legs still are too long. Is it appropriate to fold them up a bit and still wear with boots or is that tacky?

A. Cuffing a pair of bootcut jeans isn’t tacky, but it can be tricky. You can try doing a wide cuff to see how it looks, as long as it looks neat you can “shorten” your jeans using this method without looking like a fashion victim. However, since you already own the jeans, they aren’t worth anything to you if you don’t wear them. We suggest taking them to a good tailor and having the minimum amount of length hemmed - an inch or two shouldn’t have a major impact on the silhouette of the jean. Be sure to ask your tailor to use the original hem of the jean for the best look.

right: Prps Daytona Bootcut Jean,

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