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Q. I have a short, almost pencil, skirt that is oriental print. The main color is a wine or burgundy color with golds, deep pinks and another brighter wine or burgundy color. My question is, what color shoes to wear with the skirt? I was thinking a nude shoe but I’m not sure and open to other options. For an upcoming event I plan on wearing the skirt with a cream light blousy shirt tucked into the skirt. Any feedback would be much appreciated!


A. Without seeing the actual skirt, it’s difficult to choose the perfect shoe, however, you cannot go wrong with a nude pump. In fact, it sounds like a nude shoe would be the perfect option for your floral skirt and light cream blouse pairing. Not only will a nude heel work with this look, but just about anything else in your wardrobe as well, so you will certainly get a lot of wear from them. Not to mention the fact that a nude heel helps to make your legs look miles long. As an alternate to a nude shoe, you can try picking up some of the gold or pink tones from the skirt.

Here are some great nude shoes worth investing in:

Q. I’m not sure what shoes to wear with my skinny jeans when I’ll be walking around the city. Are sneakers ok to wear? What suggestions to you have for shoes that are comfy and made for lots of walking to wear with skinny jeans?

A. You have several comfortable options for spring to wear with your skinny jeans. A comfortable ballet flat would be my first preference as it is far more versatile than a sneaker, allowing you to look a little more polished as you go throughout the day. However, if you do opt for a sneaker, a pair of classic Converse always looks cute -and much more stylish than a pair of sneakers that you might wear to the gym. A flat sandal or even a comfortable low wedge can be a great option for city walking as well. Here are some comfortable, but chic, styles to wear with your skinnies this season:

Q. In June, I am attending an outdoor wedding at a North Carolina country club. I have a gorgeous dress in a solid dove gray color. I am leaning towards really saturated colors for accessories and shoes since the dress is very neutral. Would that be appropriate? Also, since I am having to travel to the wedding, I would like to spend less than $300 total on shoes, jewelry, and clutch. Is that feasible?

A. I love the idea of pairing a monochromatic dress with pops of bright. Dove gray is the perfect base color to pop with pinks, purples, yellows, greens and blues - whatever your preference. As for budget, you should have no problem finding shoes, a bag and some jewelry for under $300. Here is one look for inspiration below, using pink and silver to accessorize your gray dress:


Q. I am 5 feet and I love the Christian Louboutin platform mary jane! I am petite and curvy very similiar to Kim Kardashian. I was wondering if it will make me look shorter, even if they are 6.5 inches high?? Please help!

CL-mary-janes.jpgA. The platform Christian Louboutin is quite a shoe! I would be more worried about whether I could walk in them than if they made me look short, but that’s just me. Your instincts are correct that an ankle strap or mary jane style is typically not the best choice for petite women, however, the CL shoe has several things going for it that should make it a flattering option for you. Along with the super-high heel and platform, the strap hits lower on your instep, so they won’t visually shorten your legs the way other mary janes or ankle strap shoes will.


You didn’t mention which color you are interested in, but I would suggest a neutral or nude color, rather than black, which will really flatter your legs and make them appear longer. I’ve selected several platform mary janes below that look very similar to the Louboutin versions, without the $1000 price tag.

Q. I am going to a Mets baseball game in April for a first date! I am so excited, but what to wear??? It will probably be chilly and a there’s always a good chance of showers. Do you have ideas for a cute and warm raincoat? I love color, especially jewel tones. We might hang out in NYC after the game, so I’d want to have a cute top and somewhat practical heels that can be worn all day. I want to look cute, but not too dressed up or silly at the game. I’m travelling from Boston for the date so I want to make it count. :) Thank you, stylebakery. Hoping for a Homerun!


A. A Red Sox fan at a Mets game for a first date, he must be a special guy! This is definitely a tricky outfit to pull together: sporty and comfortable, yet appropriate for a first date and an evening in NYC. When it comes to date dressing, I think it’s always best to lean a little bit towards classics, rather than trendy items. Guys don’t always “get” trendy. Even when choosing classic pieces, you can still have a little fun with your look and mix in some chic accessories.

The look below is a chic, classic, comfortable early spring look. Start with a pretty top and slim ankle cut jeans, then add a comfortable flat in a pop of color and a bold necklace. Finish the look with a classic trench and a cross body bag - you’ll look pulled-together without looking like you’re trying too hard at a baseball game. If the weather is very chilly, you can always add a scarf, or even a sweater if necessary. If it’s too cold for bare ankles, add a pair of flat boots instead. Have fun!

Q. I just bought some white pants that I love. Can I wear them now, or do I have to wait until Memorial Day?

A. This is one of those old-fashioned style rules that refuses to die. No matter how many times people hear that it’s acceptable to wear white after Labor Day and before Memorial Day, they’re still uneasy about going against the rules. Trust us, though, you won’t be arrested by the fashion police for wearing white now, in fact, we encourage it!

Take a cue from the celebrities shown below; Amanda Seyfried’s skinny white jeans are fine with flip flops in sunny California but would look just as chic with a little bootie or ballet flat in New York where it’s still a little chilly. Elle Macpherson has the right idea by pairing her white blazer with dark denim and a scarf, perfect for warding off the pre-Memorial Day chill. And Fearne Cotton incorporates white into her look with a leather tote - in fact, take away her tights and add a sandal and she’s ready for spring.

The bottom line? As long as your whites are weather appropriate - that means no linen or gauzy cottons while the weather is still cool - then by all means, start incorporating white into your transitional spring wardrobe.

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