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Q. I am so tired of sweaters and cardigans right now! I would like to add some blouses to my wardrobe that would work for a casual night out or even for a daytime look as I will wear them with jeans or white jeans. Can you give me some ideas?

A. I hear you! It’s nearly the beginning of March and I’m tired of my winter sweaters as well. It has been unseasonably warm in New York, so I’ve been taking advantage and wearing blouses more often. Here are some pretty options that work well with jeans and will carry you all the way through spring:


Q. I’m going to a beach wedding in June, and would like something gauzy, maybe off the shoulder, but something for the more mature person. Any ideas?


A. A drapey kimono dress or printed tunic dress offers just the right tropical breeze-catching beachy glamour perfect for a beach wedding — and just the right coverage and style for a woman over 40. Here are some of our favorites available now:

Q. What are the big style trends in denim for spring? For example, are boyfriend jeans on the way out?

A. Denim is huge for spring, and the great news is, there’s something for everyone. Old standards including skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, bootcut jeans, straightleg jeans, and even wide leg jeans are all still in style, while a new silhouette, cropped skinny and straight leg jeans are getting us excited. The biggest news in denim, however, is print and color — look for everything from floral and animal prints to sorbet and neon hues.


mother-bride-jade-look.jpgQ. My son’s wedding is in April, afternoon nuptials, evening reception. The bridesmaids’ color is plum, the mother of the bride is wearing black. My dress is a dark jade—it goes great with my grandmother’s amethyst jewelry, but I can’t seem to decide on the right shoe/bag combination. I have a vintage gold sequin clutch, but the gold sequin shoes that I ordered in the picture are more of a rosy gold, so not the same color as the clutch. Should I opt for plum accessories or gold—or mix them? (My look is pictured here.)

A. Congratulations on your son’s upcoming wedding! Your dress and accessory options are lovely. The jewel tones you are working with look beautiful together: jade, amethyst, plum and gold.

As mother of the groom, you will likely spend most of the reception and all of the ceremony without your clutch, so your primary focus should be on choosing the right shoe for your dress. Personally, I prefer a gold shoe for a spring wedding, as the plum shoes have a heavy, wintry feel to me, though they would be perfectly acceptable to wear with the dress in April. In the photo you’ve provided, I prefer the lighter gold shoe with your dress, and it also works well with your sequin clutch — it’s ok if your golds are not exactly the same tone.


Q. I keep seeing printed pants everywhere. Is this going to carry through to the spring? How can I wear them without looking like a fashion victim?

A. Printed pants are indeed a big trend right now and will continue to be all the way through spring. On the runways, we saw plenty of printed pants paired with printed tops — and even printed shoes! But the best way to wear them in the real world is to pair them with monochromatic pieces and let the printed pants be the focal point of your look.

We’re seeing everything from printed palazzo pants to cropped skinny jeans, the latter being the most wearable in my opinion. Here are some looks for inspiration and some of our favorite printed skinnies to wear now and in the spring:

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