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Q. I bought this pretty ombre crochet dress from Topshop and I love it! The only problem is, it’s completely unlined and has large crochet holes. What should I wear under it?

A. Crochet is a big trend this season. Luckily, many pieces do come with a lining, but for those that don’t, your best bet is to wear something opaque underneath. In the case of this dress, A full slip that hits mid-thigh is your best bet, allowing your bare legs to show through the lower part of the dress. Look for a white slip, rather than nude, to avoid looking “naked” underneath the crochet. Also, avoid slips with lace trim or other details as you don’t want to compete with the crochet. Here are some options for you:


From back bulge to slimmer thighs, find out how to choose the right shapewear for you.

Q. I bought a bunch of cute shorts and cropped pants for summer, but I’m having trouble finding anything to wear with them. I want something that is casual and cool but isn’t a plain t-shirt or tank top. I need several, so I don’t want to spend a lot of money. Can you suggest some inexpensive options?

A. Absolutely! I practically live in beyond-basic t-shirts and tank tops every summer. Scroll through some favorites under $50 this season:


We've put together our favorite lightweight and summer-proof hosiery.

Q. I would love some help finding cute sandals that are not the usual thong-style. I have slight bunions and feel uncomfortable wearing the thong style that seems to be the most common option for sandals.

A. Sure! We found a selection of seriously stylish flat sandals with strategically placed straps to help minimize the visibility of your bunion. No thong styles included! (Another option is to try one of this summer’s must-have flat espadrilles.)


Q. Help! I’m going to a wedding (2 weekends from now ) in NYC and am having trouble finding shoes. Seems like there are wedges everywhere, but I need dressy black heels. One place suggested a wedge, but for a wedding? Any suggestions would be great.

A. I love a good wedge, but it’s not my favorite choice for a dressy affair. I agree that a sexy black heel is your better option for a NYC wedding. Here are some dressy black heels for you to choose from:

Q. I have a very large bust and have such a hard time finding cute bathing suits. Can you recommend some for women with a DD cup?


A. It can be difficult to find stylish swimwear in larger cup sizes. However, it’s much easier than it used to be! We found a ton of great options for DD+ cup sizes (including DDD and FF sizes) on, and they are just as stylish as the swimsuits for smaller cup sizes. also has a great selection of DD+ styles.

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