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Q. I’m so tired of all my jeans giving me unattractive rolls at the waist (muffin top). Any suggestions?

A. I gave up on low rise jeans a long time ago for many reasons, mostly I just felt they did not flatter my waist. Higher rise jeans are your first plan of attack on the dreaded muffin top. High rise jeans may give you visions of horribly unstylish “mom” jeans, but they’ve come a long way. There are now many stylish options, mostly in skinny jean silhouettes. I just bought two pairs of Madewell high rise jeans and I love them!

If high rise jeans are not your thing, another option is to choose a slimming tank top (like this one from Spanx) or shapewear to wear under your shirts and tuck into your jeans. This will help to prevent any spillage over the top of your waistband.

Q. I have so much trouble figuring out what to wear to work this time of year in between summer and fall seasons. Can you help?

A. Summer to fall transition season is tricky for everyone. Post Labor Day, our summer sundresses suddenly don’t seem appropriate, even though it might be 75 degrees out. It’s also too soon for sweaters and other fall clothes — so what’s a girl to do? Here are some ideas of what to wear to your work events in September:

In the first look, pair your floral dress worn all summer long with a lightweight blazer and pumps to perfectly bridge the gap between seasons. Another no-fail idea is a short-sleeve dress with leather detailing. Finally, cropped pants and a blouse are an easy combination worn with flats or heels; add a jacket, sweater or cardigan if the weather is cool.

Q. I like the relaxed style of track pants (Leith woven zip cuff track pants at Nordstrom, or Parker side stripe silk pants also at Nordstrom), but beyond a tank top, what tops are best to wear for end of summer and going into fall. After years of skinny jeans, just not sure what to wear with a looser fitting pant.

A. After wearing skinny pants for so long, a looser silhouette definitely takes some getting used to. The new “dressy” track pants are a fun trend that can be worn many different ways. Whether sleeveless, short sleeve or long sleeve, a slouchy top works best, either tucked in fully, or just a partial tuck in the front. Alternatively, you can wear a slim or boxy fit tip that hits mid-hip or above. I also love the way a cropped jacket or cardigan looks worn over a tucked in top.

For shoes, opt for an ankle boot, pointy pump or heeled sandal for a more dressed up look. Here are some track pants outfits to inspire you.

Q. I just bought a cute sheer-ish maxi skirt for summer but just can’t seem to figure out how to wear it. Can you give me some ideas?

A. Breezy maxi skirts have a sort of beachy, boho vibe and look best when worn with slouchy tees and tanks and sandals. You can try tucking your top in fully, wearing it long and loose, or tucking it in partially for a laid-back look. You can also try wearing a crop top or knotted shirt, but this looks best for younger women (read: under 25). Here are a few looks for inspiration:

Also, check out how to wear a maxi skirt for ideas on how to dress it up for the office.

Q. I really like this year’s spring trend of printed denim, not all of them, but the ones with small and subtle prints. But the problem is, I am 30. On top of it, I am petite, I don’t look like 30, the most common thing I hear when I tell people my age is “you look so young!”…I hate it, so normally I stick to formals and mostly neutrals. So my question is, should I skip this trend? I don’t want to look like I am wearing my niece’s pants nor do I want people to faint on knowing I am 30.

A. Printed jeans are more wearable than you might think, and definitely not just for teenagers. The key is to choose a “sophisticated” pair and wear it with tailored separates and heels if you are petite. Try pairing yours with button downs, blazers, floaty blouses and dressy tees. For shoes, try a pump, wedge or strappy sandal. Here are a few looks to show how women over 30 can wear printed jeans.


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