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Q. I’m looking for a everyday shoe that I can wear with jeans. I love the look of flats, but I’m short and I want a little height from my shoes(1.5 to 2 inches). Can you suggest something that has the look and style of a flat, but has a little height to it.

A. Other than a flat, my favorite everyday shoe to wear with jeans this fall is actually a bootie: the Chelsea boot. One of the top shoes of the season, they also happen to be super comfortable and look great with jeans. The best part is, they are available in a variety of heel heights to suit your preferences. Here are some to try out:

Q. Are wedge sneakers still in style?

A. If you’re one of the many who invested in a pair of Isabel Marant-inspired wedge sneakers, you knew this day would come, right? A trend that started as cool and different (though I was never personally a fan) has officially gone mainstream, being offered by everyone from high-end designers to Wal-Mart. You know a trend has run its course when every tween at the mall is wearing it. So, grown-ups, it’s time to retire your wedge style sneakers for what we hope is forever. Instead, try one of these chic sneakers with a bit more staying power instead:

Q. I’m having a difficult time finding stylish, lower heeled sandals. I’m looking for something 11/2 or 2 inches (wedge or sandal) to wear with shorts or casual dresses. Everything I find in those heights look clunky with a rubber sole that should be worn in a nursing home. Can you help?

A. A low wedge is definitely your best option. Here are 9 low heeled sandals in a variety of price points that would work with casual dresses, shorts and skirts. Bring on spring!

Q. How old is too old to rock the wedge sneaker trend? I love the look and practicality and I love to dress sporty/funky but I am a 41-year-old mother of three. Too old?

A. I don’t think you’re ever too old to have fun with fashion — especially at 41 years old. Wedge sneakers are a big trend this season (note I said “trend” — meaning, there’s a good chance they will be out of style by next year) and come in a range of styles. Some look a bit younger than others, particularly those with bright colors. Provided the rest of your look is age appropriate, I don’t see why you couldn’t wear wedge sneakers if you love them. Perhaps opt for a more monochromatic option if you’re worried about dressing too young. Here are some options that won’t make you look like you raided your teenager’s closet:


Q. Although I have embraced the skinny jean trend, I have to admit that I still can’t resist bootcuts and flares. I usually wear them with ballet flats in the spring and fall. I would love to wear flares and bootcuts in the winter but I am at a loss for what to wear on my feet. I have heard high-heeled round toe shoes but I find that impractical and hard when chasing my two-year-old and walking through the ice and snow. Do you have any suggestions?


A. My favorite styles to wear with bootcut and flared jeans and pants in cooler weather are ankle boots. Heeled styles are perfect for when you want a polished look, but a flat ankle boot, or chelsea boot, is great for when you want a casual, comfortable look. If you’re wearing in the ice and snow, you’ll want a boot with a rugged sole. And for evenings out when you’re not chasing around your two-year-old, a pump (round or pointed toe) will give you a dressier look.

Here are some casual boot options to wear with your bootcut pants with a lower, more comfortable, heel:

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