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Q. I am writing on behalf of the women of Northern Climes who want a winter boot that really is warm and weatherproof and also stylish. No tall heels or flat slick soles because we walk on icy sidewalks and no thin leather because it isn’t warm enough when you also have to wade through the snow that hasn’t been shoveled or plowed. There are great winter clothes and beautiful coats, but where are the functional boots that aren’t ugly? I hate carrying office shoes while I wear Sorrell’s to commute—it’s the winter equivalent of tennis shoes with business attire. I’ve considered some interesting quilted boots from Norway, but surely someone here must have a solution.

A. You’re right, finding a pair of stylish snow boots can be a challenge. Aquatalia makes some beautiful weatherproof shoes, many of them with warm linings. Below are some options that fit the bill: chic, warm and waterproof. Several of the styles can be worn with your work attire, though we still suggest you switch to a pair of indoor shoes when you get to the office instead of wearing your slushy winter boots all day.

Q. What are the rules for wearing black opaque tights with colored shoes? I keep seeing pictures of models with this combination, but what about in real life? I have a pair of royal blue patent peep toe wedges I’d love to wear, which I think I can get by with, and also a pair of tan peep toe heels with an ankle strap, is the tan too much of a stretch?

A. Opaque tights are a great way to wear peep toe styles in cooler weather. You can wear dark tights with dark shoes for a classic, leg elongating look, or opt for contrasting colors for a fun, modern look. Colorful tights paired with dark shoes or dark tights paired with colored shoes (like your blue patent wedges) add style to any outfit. For your tan peep toes, experiment with colors other than black, like gray (shown below) or cranberry. Textured tights can add another layer of interest to your look.
Q. I was wondering what kind of jacket or cape I could wear over a sleeveless satin dress for a holiday party? I was also thinking of wearing one of those large shawls that hang low to drape around it. I would like something to cover my arms and keep me warm for the evening. I thought the short jackets I own might make the dress look funny.

A. Skip the shawl this season and opt for one of these options instead:

1. Add a skinny belt over your dress to enhance your waist and layer a cashmere cardigan over it. Alternatively, you can wear the belt over the cardigan. This look also works with a long cardigan that ends just above the hem of the skirt, worn open with a cinched belt to complete the look. Dress up the outfit with a statement necklace, tights and party pumps.

2. A fitted tuxedo jacket is a modern option to layer over your dress this season.

3. A cropped faux fur jacket is chic and party perfect.

Chic Vegan Boots

Q. It’s getting colder, and I really want to purchase a pair of boots. However, as a vegan, it is hard to find a stylish pair of non-leather boots. Do you have any suggestions for a cute pair of vegan boots?

A. Nowadays, it’s easier than you might think to find vegan shoes and boots from mainstream designers, just look for labels that say 100% synthetic or man made materials. We can’t vouch for the environmentally-friendly nature of these mostly plastic products, but you can rest assured they don’t contain animal products. Just take that extra step, be a good consumer and check out the labels that list the materials.

Without knowing what style of boot you are looking for, we’ve found a good variety of casual, dressy, tall and short styles:

odl.jpgQ. I have been very surprised lately to see a lot of sheer hose in magazines - is sheer hose back “in”?

A. In addition to the opaque tights you’ve come to love, sheer hosiery has made a return to style this season. Designers are showing everything from sheer black and colored hosiery to sheer shiny, glossy styles and textures. Whether you choose to play it safe or take some risks, the good news is, virtually anything goes when it comes to hosiery this fall.

If you’re looking to invest in a few pairs, check out - they’ve got a huge selection of sheer, opaques, colored hosiery and more.

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