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Q. I have a dress I purchased this summer for a wedding. It is a navy blue shiny jersey fabric, with a scoop neckline, lingerie straps, empire style bodice with beading and drops to an A-line skirt. Could I add a jacket or cardigan and wear it to a fall (Nov 7th) wedding? I’m assuming my gold sandals would look too summery and I might need to find a more season appropriate shoe. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

A. You can absolutely wear this dress in the fall. Without knowing how dressy the wedding is that you are invited to, we would suggest a dressy cardigan or jacket in black or silver. Below are some pretty beaded and sequined options that might work for your navy blue dress. If you opt for the black/navy combination (a very chic look by the way), then wear black heels and bare legs or black sheer hose. Silver heels are also an option.

vanessa8.jpgQ. I read your site everyday and I love it! I have a shopping question, I know if there is anyone who knows the answer it’s you, so… I absolutely love the hat Vanessa Minnillo is wearing here. It’s a knit fedora and I like because it’s a little different. I have been searching online and can’t seem to find it or anything like it anywhere. Do you know where I can find this knit fedora or any other cool hats or sites that sell hats that aren’t too expensive to wear casually like she is?

A. What a great look! We found a very similar knit fedora from as well as a few other options you might like:

image from
100087-stainedglass-chic.jpgQ. Do you have any ideas for a stylish way to wear an ID badge at work?

A. Check out, it’s full of fashionable ID necklaces, lanyards and more.
Q. Is there a certain type of bra you’re supposed to wear to coordinate with a garter belt? I’ve been told that at least for the bottoms, thongs are the best choice to go with garters (over more coverage-providing undies such as bikinis and boy shorts), and I know that balconets are probably the most commonly worn bras to go with garter belts, but aside from corsets, would any other kind of bra look right?

110331sim_fs.jpgA. We consulted the experts at, our favorite online intimate apparel destination, for help with your question. They said:

While you will most often see balconets or push up bras styled with garter belts, there are no “rules” as to what bra to wear; any style bra will do. As for bottoms, thongs look best with garters but bikini cut will also work. If you want to look sexy, then thigh highs from Wolford or Falke complete the garter belt look.

Simone Perele Avant Premiere Garter Belt Set

nxna237.jpgQ. I am going to wear a tea-length black dress to a 6:00 p.m. wedding reception that calls for cocktail attire. I’m only 5’3” and don’t want to “shorten” the look of my legs. This being the case, would you advise not wearing a t-strap shoe (or even a shoe with a thin ankle strap)? Would a slip-on shoe be better?

A. Tea length dresses tend to hit somewhere between your knee and your ankle, or mid-calf. Since you are petite, a t-strap or ankle strap shoe will likely shorten the look of your legs. To make your legs look as long as possible, opt for a strappy shoe or pump that covers as little of the top of your foot as possible.

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