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Q. Thanks for your site, I find it really helpful! I’d like to invest in a good pair of boots for fall and winter. Unfortunately I have really skinny calves so that most boots that are supposed to fit snugly end up looking like galoshes. Other than wearing two pairs of socks to bulk up my legs, do you recommend any boot styles for girls with skinny legs?

A. First, measure your calf at its widest part and take note of its circumference - this will help narrow down your search to boots that are likely to fit your slim calves. Search sites like, and which handily list the circumference of the boots and often let you search for narrow calves. Generally, stretch styles seem to fit slim calves best. Alternatively, look for details like buckles and ties which allow you to adjust the width of the boot for a customized fit.

Other than wearing two pairs of socks, try textured tights and tucked in jeans to help fill up the gaps in your boots.

Here are some chic slim options to try:

985-462370-d.jpg 7954-468203-d.jpg 2249-295160-d.jpg shoes_iaec1131357.jpg

1. Vaneli Lindly, $146 at
2. Sudini Posta, $229 at
3. Type Z Shelle, $243 at
4. Naturalizer Women’s Scurry, $119 at

Q. I love this feature of your site and will often peruse the archives. While I have always liked the skirt with knee length boots look, I have never been able to wear this style. My problem is that I am short (5’1), have small feet (size 5-5.5) and have thick calves. I have a difficult time finding a skirt that looks good with my chunky legs and a pair of boots that will fit around my big calves. By the way, I live in Los Angeles and want to rock this look either at work or on the weekend. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A. We will probably catch a lot of flack for this answer but here’s the truth: tall boots with a skirt is probably not the most flattering option for your petite frame and “chunky” legs. It’s always important not to be a slave to fashion and the hot “look of the moment” but to recognize what works for you as an individual. Sadly, there are often trends we love that no matter how hard we try, we just can’t pull them off (ankle boots and tights anyone?)

Rather than pair boots with your skirts, opt for pumps or heels without ankle straps and opaque tights in a similar color to your shoe - this will help to elongate and slim your legs to offer the most flattering silhouette for you. Make sure your skirt hits at or just above your knee. However, if you still want to give the boots and skirt look a try, opt for a skirt that hits above or well above your knee, a slim dark boot with a heel and dark tights.

Here are a few tall boots with heels that should fit your small feet and thick calves:

6219-536740-d.jpg 8521-518632-d.jpg 6627-518639-d.jpg
1. Fitzwell Norah/Wide Calf, $129.70 at
2. rsvp Denisa (Wide Calf), $150 at
3. rsvp Derisa (Wide Calf), $126 at

Q. I have several sweaters that I’d like to wear for fall - many of which are the chunky styles that are so popular for fall right now. I’d like to create a stylish outfit with these, but am unsure of what would look right for the season.

A. Designers and fashion magazines are once again declaring that chunky sweaters are a hot fall trend. This is great news for those who live in cool climates. The big question is, how to create a flattering silhouette with a chunky knit?

The best way to wear a thick or oversized sweater is to balance it with a slim-fitting bottom such as fitted jeans or cords. A sweater that is longer in length looks great with skinny jeans, leggings or even opaque tights if long enough. Layer thin t-shirts, turtlenecks or feminine blouses underneath to avoid bulking up.

Here are some ideas for layering your knits. Take note of the slim bottoms paired with all:

_5665918.jpg _5723093.jpg _5643312.jpg
_5642862.jpg _5637054.jpg 15181258_41_b.jpg

1. Free People ‘Gypsy Mélange’ Marled Cardigan, $128 at
2. Michael Kors Cable Knit Sweater Coat, $59.50 at
3. Juicy Couture Popcorn Knit Cardigan, $288 at
4. Free People ‘Heather Fuzz Shaker’ Hooded Sweater, $78.91 at
5. Rebecca Taylor ‘Runway’ Fringed Pullover Sweater, $380 at
6. BDG Intarsia Shawl Collar Cardigan, $78 at
Q. I am a 25 year old mom of two under two. I love everything about fashion but with two I find I don’t have as much time. After having two kids and turning 25 I feel I need a change and a more age appropriate wardrobe and something other then the classic mommy wardrobe of tees and sweats. I am a stay-at-home mom but would like to look fashionable and attractive. I am 5’4, small framed and a larger chest. Please help me feel attractive while being a stay at home mom.

Q. I just discovered your website and am loving it! Do you have any ideas for a daily “uniform” for us moms with little ones in tow? I usually stick to a solid color polo or t-shirt with shorts or jeans. It’s safe and easy….but boring. Can you recommend something well made but not expensive…tailored to those of us who are curvy (nursing and sporting a little leftover baby tummy?)

A. Good for you both for wanting something more stylish than tees, sweats and “mom” clothes. A daily “uniform” that is stylish, comfortable, quick to throw on and washable will make it easy to get dressed each day and prepare you for whatever is in store.

A layered look consisting of a cardigan, wrap sweater or jacket + t-shirt, tank or camisole + jeans, cords or capris with stretch is versatile and flatters a multitude of figures. Fill your closet with variations on this theme and you’ll have the ultimate mix-and-match wardrobe. Top it off with comfortable ballet flats and a chic diaper bag and you’re good to go.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

momlook1.jpg above looks from

momlook2.jpg above: first two looks from; third look from; last look from
Q. What type of socks should you wear with the new Mary Jane type chunky shoes? Please specify what type with jeans and with a skirt.

A. The great thing about the new Mary Jane and chunky T-Straps is that anything goes when it comes to hosiery. Whether you are wearing them with jeans, wide leg trousers, skirts or dresses, you have many options available to you:


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