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Q. I hope you can help me with what seems like a simple quest. I have been in search of some great versatile brown heels for at least a year now. I was originally looking for brown croc heels but am open to other options. Maybe I’ll have better luck in the fall but I have a bunch of skirts & outfits that really need a basic brown shoe now. I’d probably wear them mostly to work so need a closed toe & everything right now is sandals, open toed etc. Also on the wish list - heel about 2-2 1/2 inches high or less, dark brown in color. Most flat leather brown heels seem to look cheap to me so I’ve been avoided those. Or, the brown is a strange shade. Black is so much easier - black is black!

A. We found some truly beautiful brown shoes with moderate heels, including a couple of croc pumps. These are classic shoes you can wear year round. And all but one are under $100!
pl563860-05vliv01.jpg _5685867.jpg pl622110-00vliv01.jpg pl616547-01vliv01.jpg
7958-773467-d.jpg TERZACORSIA.png COURCARRE.png
1. Nine West Nuncio 13, $69 at
2. Franco Sarto ‘Fall’ Pump, $84.95 at
3. Circa Joan & David Reginah 7, $99 at
4. Kenneth Cole Reaction Bell-issma, $89 at
5. LAUREN Ralph Lauren Tamia, $99 at
6. Terza Corsia, $79 at
7. Cour Carre, $138 at
Q. I saw a great brown motorcycle jacket by Dear by Amanda Bynes which I love, but there are no Steve and Barrys near me, and I can’t find any of the jackets online. Where can I find a similar brown vintage-looking motorcycle jacket to this one that is very affordable?

A. Found! Here are some super affordable brown moto jackets:

39822345273_lg.jpgautumncargo.png 137167400.jpg14989008_20_b.jpg 
1. Epaulette Detail Jacket, $36.50 at
2. Autumn Cargo Jacket, $29.80 at
3. FULL TILT Womens Venus Moto Jacket, $39.99 at
4. Silence & Noise Wyatt Moto Jacket, $128 at

Q. Layered necklaces are so hot right now….I’ve seen both Lauren Conrad & Heidi Klum sporting them lately. I’m dying to replicate this look in gold but not sure where to start. Can you offer some suggestions?

A. Layered necklaces can look chic and studied or effortlessly “thrown together” depending on which look you are going for. There are no strict rules as this is all about personal style and having fun. It’s also a great way to give new life to some pieces you may already own. Here are some guidelines:

1. If you prefer a neat look, try layering delicate necklaces of varying lengths. The chains should be the same metal (gold with gold) and approximately the same thickness (delicate with delicate; thicker chains with thicker chains). This is, perhaps, the easiest way to layer necklaces.

2. For a more bohemian-inspired look, try layering beaded necklaces of varying lengths and materials together.

3. Try layering a simple chain or beaded strand with a longer pendant style necklace for a look that is easy to accomplish.

Get inspiration from these layered necklaces below, or better yet, buy one that’s already layered if you don’t trust your own layering skills!

_5666237.jpg tulst2001111739_prod_zoom_front_v1_m56577569831145004._SX201_.jpg LBX12754_208634.jpg kcnydln.png 514G2C8KR5L._SS260_.jpg 414AScHtIDL._SS260_.jpg br623191-00vliv01.jpg pLIZ1-4892394big.jpg
1. Juicy Couture ‘Admiral’s Daughter’ Long Layered Necklace, $128 at
2. tuleste market Layered Ball & Chain Necklace, $140 at
3. Lucky Brand Love Layer Necklace, $95 at
4. Kenneth Cole New York Double-Layer Necklace, $40 at
5. Bead Multi-Strand Necklace, $29.99 at
6. Merona® Multi-Strand Faceted Pendant Necklace, $9.99 at
7. Square stations necklace, $49 at
8. Moroccan Haze Layered Illusion Necklace, $35 at
39997463916_lg.jpgQ. I just bought these cute High Waist Sailor Trousers from Arden B. and am wondering what to wear with them. I know that I could pair them with a black or white tank top, but I’d love your ideas on something more fun and flirty! Thank you for your help!

A. Cute jeans! To show off the sailor-inspired details, your best bet is a tucked in shirt. Given the volume of the jeans, your tucked in shirt should be slim fitting. A tank or a tee is a good option, and so is a fitted button down. Or, take a page from Katie Holmes’ style book (below) and wear a tee and a relaxed cardigan. If you’re willing to cover up the details at the waist, a slim belted top is a chic option.

49965838-04.jpg 719742_fpx.jpg39996749396_lg.jpg katie-holmes-b_3.jpg
1. Nautical Stripe Tee , $13.80 at
2. Alice + Olivia Rosette Puff Sleeve Button Down Shirt, $242 at
3. Shadow Stripe Tunic, $88 at
4. Katie Holmes wearing high waisted jeans, a tucked in tee and a boyfriend cardigan

9755-556367-d.jpgQ. I just bought a cute orange patent leather Jessica Simpson bag at a great price but I am not sure if the color will still be “in” for the fall.

A. Whether it’s a bright orange or a fall-like burnt orange, we say YES! Wear your patent purchase proudly.

(check out this orange clutch shown in a Fall runway show that we recently wrote about)

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