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Q. For the past 4 years I have been having a fashion dilemma! I am 22- years-old and slim and fit, yet I have large thighs that do NOT look so hot in shorts or skirts. I don’t know what to wear to be both fashionable and figure flattering. It is so frustrating to see all of these skinny girls with tiny thighs! Can you help me look great this summer and into the fall!?!?

A. Shorts can be difficult for women with large thighs, I agree, but don’t eschew skirts so quickly! A-line and full shaped skirts and dresses are the ultimate way to conceal large thighs. Since the rest of you is slim, flaunt it! Wear your skirts and dresses with belts to show off a slim waist and wear heels to show off toned calves. Done right, no one will have any idea what size your thighs are. For pants, look for slightly wideleg pants and bootcut styles that are fitted through the hip. Always avoid tapered styles and skinny jeans.

Here are a few thigh flattering silhouettes from to use as inspiration:

1. Silk georgette printed dress, $175 
2. Pleated full skirt, $64
3. Classic dark wash button-tab trouser jean, $98
Q. I recently bought a pair of really cute yellow flats on a whim, but now they’re collecting dust inside my closet because I can’t find anything to wear with them. Could you recommend something?

Q. I recently received a cute Italian leather purse, which I love…the problem is, it’s yellow. I’ve tried to add it to outfits, but always end up leaving it behind for something less vibrant. What can I wear with it this summer and can I carry it into fall as well?

yellowbag.pngA. Kudos to both of you for choosing yellow accessories, one of our favorite looks this summer! Whether it’s a pair of yellow shoes or a yellow handbag, you can wear it with so much more than you might think (just not together please - matching yellow shoes and handbags are just too much!) For the most part, you can wear yellow with pretty much anything - navy, denim, white, brown, red, orange and sometimes even black.

Check out some of the looks on these pages for some examples of accessorizing with yellow:

As you can see, we’re really loving yellow this season. And the best part? You can wear your yellow shoes and handbags through the fall.
_5580239.jpgQ. First, I LOVE your site!! I just bought this dress in navy. Navy is a tough color. What type and color shoe can I wear to keep it elegant and fashionable for an evening summer cocktail party. I love the dress but the color is difficult. I like navy and camel but would that work?

A. Cute dress! Navy looks especially chic this season and finding the right color shoe is not as daunting as you might think. I’m not sure if camel would be my first choice for evening; instead, look for black, silver, light neutrals and more. Red can also be a fun choice if you’re feeling bold. Here are a few options ranging from simple and subtle to statement-making, depending on your mood:
Q. I am looking for a stylish, sturdy bag to carry my laptop and paperwork as I trek from one meeting to another. I want something that’s not your basic black briefcase, but that is large and sturdy enough for everyday use for a long time.

-Bag Lady

A. Laptop bags aren’t necessarily the most stylish bags to carry everyday, but I did find big enough handbags that would carry and still protect your laptop plus specific bags built to carry your computer. Plus, these bags will carry all of your other essentials as well. I’ve categorized big bag and laptop bag, now you choose.

Big enough to carry your laptop and daily essentials:

foley2009823277_prod_zoom_front_v1_m56577569831155038._SX201_.jpg rmink2002111856_prod_medium_v1_m56577569831161167._SX201_.jpg jshan2002317362_prod_medium_v1_m56577569831112085._SX201_.jpg toryb2005417041_prod_medium_v1_m56577569831146502._SX201_.jpg
1. Foley + Corinna Glazed Jet Setter Jr Tote, $528 at
2. Rebecca Minkoff Market Tote with Scarf, $675 at
3. Jill Stuart Handbags Noho Victoria Tote, $402 at
4. Tory Burch Embossed Lux T Jordana Tote, $495 at

Bags with specific interior pocket to hold your computer:
10591-758919-d.jpg 6627-758927-d.jpg PG.TOMAS3O.BRNPAPV.PD.jpg _5600384.jpg 114944_4_1.jpg

1. Knomo Josselin, $299 at
2. Knomo Toyah, $254 at
3. Nine West Laptop Tote, $99 at
4. Francesco Biasia ‘Nika’ Laptop Satchel, $538 at
5. cinda b Takin’ Care of Business, $96 at

Target also has a nice selection of laptop bags at affordable prices:
414268PG3EL._SS260_.jpg 41wi8HAwcuL._SS260_.jpg 51XCTHJGQML._SS260_.jpg 41lClN8cRwL._SS260_.jpg 41X8SQpXOML._SS260_.jpg
1. Mango Tango Quilted Faux Suede Laptop Bag, $44.99
2. Mango Tango Canvas Stripe Laptop Bag, $39.99
3. Mango Tango Faux Croc Laptop Bag, $47.99
4. Mango Tango Faux Leather Quilt-Lined Laptop Carrying Case, $59.99
5. Isaac Mizrahi for Target® Notebook Computer Tote, $39.99
_5622850.jpgQ. I am attending a Black Tie Wedding this weekend. I purchased a black halter style gown. My question is …Do I wear a necklace? What type of jewelry would go with the dress?

A. Generally, you should not wear a necklace with a halter style dress. Instead, go for dramatic earrings and a cuff bracelet or cocktail ring.

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