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Q. I have a work event that has me totally stumped for an appropriate outfit! We will be at a theme park all day, immediately followed by dinner at a restaurant where the dress code is evening casual. Do you have any ideas?

A. For the day at the park, pair a patterned top with shorts so it’s easy to beat the heat and enjoy a day of being a kid. Avoid white tops that may get wet at the park and become see-through, make sure your tops don’t bare your midriff at all and that your shorts are long enough to cover a portion of your thighs while you scream with delight on the roller coaster. A patterned shirt will help hide any stains like a little mustard from a hotdog, dirt or camouflage you if you get wet.

lbjeans.png thpais.png
1. Tommy Hilfiger Paisley Puff-Sleeve Tunic, $44.50 at

2. Lucky Brand Jeans Printed Cap-Sleeve Linen Top, $68.00 at

For the casual evening attire, pack some of the following simple, stylish suggestions into a tote and change in the restaurant, at a stop along the way or at the park before you leave for the restaurant. You’ll look instantly refreshed and chic without overdoing it for the crowd. And remember, the park is for fun and the restaurant is to finish off the day with a good impression.

01411783_849.jpg U0831_v3.jpg br583234-01vliv01.jpg

1. City Style Printed Halter Top, $32.95 at

2. City Style Caftan - Diamond Maze, $36.95 at

3. Paisley kimono-sleeve dress, $110 at
Q. I’m 28 years old. I’d like to buy a bathing suit (2 pieces) for this summer but unfortunately I have a small chest. As I don’t want to look ridiculous, can you show me the best styles for people like me?
-Best Look Up Top

A. I doubt you’ll look ridiculous and stay positive, you have more choices and less chance to fall out of your top. Look for tops with a touch of padding, or an under wire demi-bra style that makes the most of adding to your small bust line. You have the body to wear cute, ruffled tops that are hot right now. Triangle tops and bandeau tops are easy to wear as well. Here are some of my tops picks of the latest arrivals:

14634380_72_b.jpg 14636138_65_b.jpg ksh-giselleaqua-fnt.jpg nin-c19wht-fnt.jpg 164112_topa_main.jpg
1. Love Surf Love Sunny Floral Bottom, $29.99 at
2. Insight Dream Quest Floral, $88 at
3. Kushcush Giselle Bikini in Aqua , $168 at
4. Nina Brigitte Bikini, $141 at
5. Billabong Safari, $68.50 at
Q. I’m going for a weekend in July to New York City to meet up with my girlfriends from college for a mini-reunion (6 years out). We will go out for drinks, dine at some hot spots, and lounge at the rooftop pool of a very “Sex And the City” hotel. PLEASE help me with my packing list!

A. Ooh, sounds fun! Since your activity list seems mostly social, I’ll skip recommendations for daytime touring and shopping and stick with some suggestions for your evenings out and time lounging at the pool. I’m not sure if you’re a Carrie, Samantha or Charlotte, but the following should keep you looking “Sex And The City” chic all weekend long.

For the rooftop pool, go for glam, rather than practical. Start with a flattering swimsuit and add a chic tunic or caftan cover up. Add metallic flat sandals, oversized sunglasses and a sophisticated tote. Finish up the look with a gold cuff and hoop earrings - just remember to take them off if you go swimming! (Bonus: wear the tunic with white jeans when not at the pool)

Kenneth Jay Lane at ShopStyle

For your evenings out, your best bet is to pack a few dresses - they take up little room in your suitcase, and will make getting dressed for the night a no-brainer. Just add some great shoes, a clutch, a wrap and some jewelry and you’re all set. (Bonus: dress them down for daytime with your flat metallic sandals from the poolside look)

Kooba at ShopStyle
Q. Thank you for all the great advice you put in your column. I’m wondering if you can help guide me in the right direction with a white jacket I recently purchased from H&M. It’s made of sateen style cotton so it has a subtle sheen to it, it’s ivory and it’s full length in the sleeves. I love the look and fit of it, but I can’t seem to figure out what to pair it with, especially now, in the heat of summer. I sometimes feel like it makes me look like I stepped off the set of Miami Vice or am about to work as a waiter at a cocktail party. What should I do to avoid that look?
-White Jacket Worry

A. To avoid an homage to Crockett and Tubbs, the first step is to avoid wearing your white sateen jacket with pink or pastel t-shirts. Add patterned or rich bright hued solid cotton, voile, or sheer tops underneath and find belts that can be worn over the jacket and cinched at the waist. Collared shirts will also help draw the eye upward and attention away from the sheen of the jacket.
Q. My sorority is requiring us to wear an outfit that I’m having trouble with. We can either wear a pink, orange, or yellow solid sundress and we have to wear heels in one of those colors also, but it has to differ from the dress. I bought this orange dress but I’m having trouble finding either pink or yellow heels to go with it. Could you provide some inexpensive examples? Is it possible to make this bright color combo look good? Can an orange dress ever go with pink or yellow heels?
-Color Confusion

A. Well, your sorority sisters are clearly bright color conscious, but hey, in those brights it’s hard to be cranky. You certainly can mix it up and I’ve found several options in the same heeled sandals in both yellow and pink all for under $83. And next time you pull on your little black, navy or white dress, then pull out your new pink or yellow heels and consider wearing them with your neutral dress to add a splash of color.

_5575528.jpg _5582158.jpg - or -3034-589300-d.jpg 3034-589302-d.jpg
left: Boutique Nordstrom ‘Gina’ Patent Leather Sandal, $79.95 at
right: rsvp Daina, $70 at

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