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Q. I have a silk giraffe print tunic, but what do I wear on the bottom?

A. Living is easy this summer when you get to pull on a tunic, they’re comfortable and easy to wear as a dress (depending on the length), a cover up or with shorts or leggings. Pair your tunic with leggings and flat sandals, with shorts that show a few inches just below the tunic and wedges or add white trousers and a low slung belt around the tunic top and heels. Here are three ways to wear a tunic:

0458598922752_ASTL_300x400.jpg tartt2000722661_prod_medium_v1_m56577569831137139.jpg diavf2023121276_prod_medium_v1_m56577569831108236.jpg

1. with white slim pants and sandals (Tory Burch tunic,
2. with black leggings and flat sandals (Tart tunic,
3. with short shorts (Diane von Furstenberg tunic,
Q. Would you please clarify whether it is appropriate to wear white to a wedding? I have a dress that is cocktail length in white and has a black 6-inch lace band around the middle. I was planning to wear a black sheer jewel wrap and black shoes. The bride is wearing white and the wedding ceremony is not at a church, but at the reception hall.
- Guest in White

A. It’s always best to leave the focus in white on the bride. While your dress has a black band, it would still be better to wear any other color. And unfortunately the accessories are not distraction enough since you may remove the wrap for the festivities.
31Rtch3q7VL._SS260_.jpgQ. I just bought a shift dress from Target in a gorgeous jeweled plum color. How do I accessorize it? It came with a waist tie, but I want to dress it up as much as possible with a belt. I was thinking metallic or perhaps turquoise? And the high neckline leaves me wondering how (or if) to wear a necklace.
-Accessorize Me

A. I always suggest that women skip the belt that comes with a dress and choose a new one to distinguish it from the rest. Choosing a color or a metallic belt is a great option to mix it up and create a look for day and night simply by changing the belt and shoes. As for jewelry, you can certainly wear a necklace, just be sure it hangs longer than 18” so it doesn’t fall inside the dress. A multi strand chain link style or a larger “bauble” or beaded style necklace would be perfect. However, if you go with a bold belt, then try bigger earrings and a cuff bracelet instead of a necklace.

Q. I am getting married in September, and I plan to change out of my official, very heavy, wedding dress into a more fun, easy to dance in dress. Can you recommend a great second dress? I should mention this is a VERY formal affair. - Formal Seconds

A. If you’re thinking about dancing, then you have to choose long or short and I’m a fan of changing from a gown to a dress of less weighty material and shorter length. I adore Monique Lhuillier for her ethereal ready to wear dress collections that easily can star in the second act of your wedding. Other designers to consider for the second dress would be Vera Wang and 3.1 Philip Lim - he has a white Grecian style dress that is gorgeous from his spring collection.

23.jpg 01.jpg NMT1FUG_mn.jpg

3. Chiffon Halter Dress at
Q. I’m 5’2, usually a size 2, and I’m trying to figure out what length of shorts or capris will be most flattering. I don’t want to look stumpy or shorter than I am. I think I have pretty nice legs for a 30 year old, but also want to dress appropriately for work, vacations, or for chasing around my infant son. - Short Sized

A. For petite gals like you, the longer the capri pants, the better. Look for styles that are straight leg styles, not wide, and that hit just above your ankle. This will still give the impression of length. I just picked up two bright pairs from Club Monaco, one teal and one red that can easily transition in look just by swapping flats for wedge sandals at night. They are an ideal length and style.

As for shorts, skip the long styles and choose shorter lengths, specifically ones that have 3-5” inseams or ones that stop at mid thigh. If you have good legs, then don’t cover them up with Bermuda or walking shorts since those will just stunt your height. If you intend to wear shorts to work, then opt for a mid thigh pair and be sure to pair the shorts with a conservative top like a button down shirt tucked in and a fitted cotton or linen blazer.

89706_WT0002_m_SU08.jpg 911837_fpx.jpg 88756_BR1160_m_SU08.jpg

1. Petite city-fit stretch chino café capri, $79.50 at 2. Theory Women’s Whythe Radar Ankle Pants, $215 at 3. Chino 5” short, $39.50 at

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