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Q. I am 30 y/o and will be going on vacation to Europe in 2 weeks. I have to dress to impress the people who will meet me while I want to be comfortable and stylish on the plane. I am thinking about wearing leggings with a tunic, flats and trench coat. But I would like to add a cardigan since it might be cold on the plane. Do you have any suggestions?
- Cold Case

A. A tunic, leggings and flats are the ideal travel wardrobe for a trip to Europe. You’ll be comfortable and will avoid any constricting clothing. Bring along a light wrap like one from our favorite, Love Quotes, to wear when the trench is not needed. I’ve found several cardigan styles from long to wrap, cashmere to cotton.


1. Love Quotes Italian Linen Scarf, $85 at
2. Citronella coat, $119.99 (sale) at
3. Summerweight cashmere cardigan (available in 14 colors), $158 at
4. Soft Drapey Tie Front Top, $74 at
5. Joie Dark Grey Heather Roxy, $295 at

Q. I’m attending two weddings this summer. I bought two cocktail length Ann Taylor strapless dresses, one light green with a light flower pattern and one navy blue. I’m planning on wearing black peep toe satin high heels. My problem now is that I don’t know what I can wear to cover my shoulders in church and when it gets a bit cold in the evening. I was thinking about a Pashmina but my friend said the fabric of the Pashmina is too rough with the satin of the dresses. My question now is what should I get to wear with the dresses? I would like to get something I can wear with both dresses and that isn’t too pricy. Also what color of purse should I look for?
- Cover Up for Weddings

A. We girls at StyleBakery are big fans of Love Quotes scarves in a mix of linen and viscose which is soft and light weight enough to wear with satin. They come in countless colors so you can choose to wrap yourself in a neutral color or add a punch of color to add the happiness of the occasion. As for a clutch to pair with your dresses look for a pale gold metallic or a neutral beige/cream.

Love Quotes Italian Linen Scarf, $85 at

Q. I have a friend who is getting married in June. Instead of a rehearsal dinner, he and his finance are having a cocktail party at a chic, contemporary Manhattan restaurant/bar. I was hoping you could provide suggestions on appropriate attire. I am petite, about 5’2” with an average to small build.
- Contemporary Look

A. A cocktail party calls for fun, flirty, feminine attire. I suggest a dress that is mini or knee length for your petite figure or a camisole style top with a little jacket and a pencil skirt. Add heels that are either strappy or peep toe.

Q. I just got the cutest pair of black skinny jeans and I finally feel confident enough to pull them off - what should I pair with them? I need help making them acceptable for casual Fridays at work and for Saturday nights out!
- Cute and Skinny

A. You have multiple options for both occasions. For work, think stylish, but slightly conservative. Add a fitted blazer style jacket with colorful top underneath and for evenings it’s anything goes from fitted tops with a wide belt at the waist or hip skimming blouson tops to create a “leggings” look with your jeans. I found several options for both days.

91295_WB4058_m_SU08.jpg 93404_WB5455_m_SU08.jpg


1. Python-print Lucia jacket, $168 at
2. Metallic jacquard jacket, $268 at

3. Whisper lamé Zoey tank, $88 at
4. Amanda Uprichard Tuxedo Ruffle Top in Purple, $172 at
Swap out the tie belt and add a wide belt:
5. French Connection Tunic with Belt , $98 at
6. Truly Madly Deeply Printed Babydoll, $28 at

Q. I saw you for the first time on The View when you did the Playtex bra episode that aired March 27th. I’m a 34A. I have an interview in May and would like to know where I can buy a stylish but comfortable suit that isn’t too expensive. The position is for a didactic instructor in a School of Allied Health. I live in Omaha, NE. I’m 41 years old, 5’5” and weigh 135lbs. I like brown, black and navy - are those colors okay?
- Suited for Teacher

A. Brown, Black and navy are ideal colors for a suit. You may even want to consider khaki as another neutral to add to your wardrobe. For a good quality, affordable option search the chain stores like J. Crew, Banana Republic, Club Monaco and Ann Taylor. For a slightly pricier classic, shop for Theory, which can be found in better department stores. Be sure to add a pop of color in the shirt you wear underneath the jacket.

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