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Clubbing Clothes

Q. I recently brought a pair of gold shorts and I’m stuck for a top to wear with them for a night out clubbing. I’m 19 and would appreciate your help.
-Club Gold

A. I think back to my clubbing nights, dancing ‘til the wee hours in New York and then heading to Florent in the meatpacking district for tea and toast at 5:30 before heading to bed. And my outfits ranged from a simple tank, cool necklace and jeans to a knockout top with a mini skirt and heels. I recently purchased and have worn once, gold hot pants from American Apparel. They scream ’80s disco. I paired them with a blousy strapless top and gold heels. Here are some other suggestions, depending on the style of your gold shorts, to be a part of the scene.

Diesel Lenex TopDolman Sleeve Blouse3889484810 Lg-1

13994553 20 B-1 Lux Tinseltown Tank

1. Diesel Lenex Top, $140 at
2. Dolman Sleeve Blouse, $68 at
3. Embellished Scoop Neck Tank, $48 at
4.  Ruby Sky Striped Sequin Tube Top, $19.99 at
5.  Lux Tinseltown Tank, $48 at

Equestrian Style

Q. I love the classic English equestrian or country look: riding boots, and skirts, etc.  Is that look severely out of style, or is there a way to update it?  Also, I am short.  Can I pull it off?  If so, how?
-Horsing Around

A. You can always wear your own homage to equestrian style without looking like you’re about to compete in dressage.  Button down fitted shirts, tailored blazer style jackets, riding style boots, genuine rubber riding boots, plus a simple, but stylish leather belt and slim pants. You can even purchase stretch riding pants, but definitely skip the jodhpurs. They are out of style, rarely look good on anyone and will make a short girl look squat. The trick for one who doesn’t ride is to wear just a few items together rather than a complete ensemble, which could appear pretentious or contradictory. So wear your breeches with a comfy cable knit or turtleneck sweater and knee-high boots. And Pair your button down and tailored blazer with jeans and knee-high or ankle boots.

Wool hacking jacketGrand Prix Hampton II Low Rise Breech

David Tate Gatewayrsvp BillieRubber Riding Boots

1. Wool hacking jacket, $235 at
2. Grand Prix Hampton II Low Rise Breech, $90 at
3. David Tate Gateway, $124 at
4. rsvp Billie, $140 at
5. Rubber Riding Boots (great for rainy days!), $37 at

While boyfriends may come and go, it should always be easy to fall in love with yourself.  You’re not going to break up with yourself and the only cheating you may do is eating chocolate while on a diet. This may be the month that is overrun with red roses, chocolates and little candies with messages like “be mine” and “hug me,” but it’s also the month that has become famous for the American Heart Association’s message about fighting the no. 1 killer of women. And this year, the campaign has been pumped up to further the phrase known as Go Red for Women. There are plenty of ways to spread the word or take part in your own health, just log onto to check out delicious recipes like berry meringue pie or bacon and veggie pizza, take a health quiz or shop for a cause. redtag.gif

I’m tagging all my luggage with these red leather tags, $12 at

Q. I have a challenge that needs sorting for summer. I am a 40 year old British woman living in a hot country.  I cannot go bare legged in summer and have been desperately seeking some sheer very natural looking seamless toe hosiery that don’t slip on mules when I walk in summer and that don’t look unnatural when everyone else is walking around bare legged. Do you know where I can get something like this?
-Toe Free

A. More women are looking for opportunities to wear hosiery with their mules, peep toes and some sandals while still giving support and coverage to their legs. Thankfully, some designers are listening and creating toeless hosiery and tights. While I’m not a fan of hosiery in summer or with mules, I’m not about to tell you gals to forfeit them from your closet or go bare if you’re not comfortable doing so. So here are some options that offer sheer and flesh toned colors. Just match them as closely to your leg color as possible.

Hue Toeless with Lace Control-Top Pantyhosealke Shelina 12D Toeless Tights Berkshire: Ultra Sheer Hose without Toes

1. Hue Toeless with Lace Control-Top Pantyhose, $6 at
2. Falke Shelina 12D Toeless Tights, $17 at
3. Berkshire: Ultra Sheer Hose without Toes, $6.95 at

Q. I am hoping you can give me some guidance here. I wear shoes of varying heel heights from flats to 4.5 inches. Is there a length of pant or jean hem that will work for any height heel? I’d like the option of wearing all of my jeans and pants with any of my shoes.
-Flats to Stilettos

A. Ahhh the conundrum of jeans. Unfortunately, there’s no perfect length that will give us the option of wearing both heels and flats. My skinny jeans work with flats, my AG’s are long enough for heels, my Citizens of Humanity can be worn with some heels, but still scrape the ground if I wear sandals. And then there’s the Anlo trousers, the lighter wash Club Monaco’s, my off white Paige Premiums that are too long for flip flops, etc.

The majority of us take so much time finding the right pair of jeans, owning several pairs designated for specific “jobs” and hemmed accordingly. Trouser styles look best with stylish shoes that have a slight to higher heel, so skip the flip-flops. If you love two pairs of dark denim, plan one pair for heels and high heeled sandals for evening and one pair that works with ballet flats or casual flat sandals. Light colored jeans are usually casual so you’ll wear those with cute kicks and flats or flip-flops. I know it can be frustrating, but realize the bonus that jeans have evolved to cross into all fashion forays from work to play to evening.

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