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Q. My husband is currently deployed to Iraq and he will be coming home in February. I am looking for a cute new outfit to wear for when I meet him again after 7 months. If you have any ideas or advice I would appreciate your help. I am 23 going on 24 and I want something that would fit my age and that my husband would love.
-Love Reunion

A. Let’s just say it: you’re a sure thing when he gets home. You certainly need a great dress, heels and something sexy for underneath it all since by the time you get home, I suspect those clothes won’t stay on for very long. Or set something seductive aside to change into when you get home for a special welcome home memory. This dress can be non-winter material since we are marking a momentous reunion, just wear a long coat to keep you warm. You need the VA VA factor without looking trashy.

Scarlet V-neck Charmeuse Dresses
by Betsey JohnsonLydia cotton cady dress Juicy Couture Scoop Neck Jersey Dress JS Collections Printed Charmeuse Dress

1. Scarlet V-neck Charmeuse Dresses by Betsey Johnson, $310 at
2.  JS Collections Printed Charmeuse Dress, $206 at
3. Juicy Couture Scoop Neck Jersey Dress, $198 at
4. Lydia cotton cady dress, $250 at

And for underneath:

 Chantelle Intimates 'Fete Starlette' Set  Betsey Johnson Stretch Mesh Camisole

5.  Chantelle Intimates ‘Fete Starlette’ Set, $115 at
6.  Betsey Johnson Stretch Mesh Camisole, $88 at

Q. My fiance used to work in a tux rental store and believes that silver vests and ties look the best against black tuxes for his groomsmen.  I would like the bridesmaids to wear black dresses with bright pink flowers.  I also want the best man to wear a different color tie, preferably royal blue, and the maid of honor to wear a bright pink dress.  My bouquet would have a mixture of white, blue, and pink flowers.  Is it okay to have that many colors in the wedding?
- Tux Distress

A. It’s up to you how much cohesion you want with the color choices at your wedding. There are no longer hard and fast rules for a wedding. It just helps the unavoidable gossip mill when your wedding looks elegant and sophisticated.   Keep the silver vests for the groomsman to a low shine factor and err on the side of a shade closer to platinum.

Have you discussed with the maid of honor her thoughts on a bright pink dress? With the addition of carrying pink flowers, will she feel like a big piece of candy?  I love pink, but I guarantee you I never wore the dress from my brother’s first wedding again. We all like to think we’ve been smart enough to choose a dress that our bridesmaids will be able to wear again, but they may think differently once they’ve seen your choice.  Will one bright pink dress and one royal blue tie be the ideal way to pull in all your colors?  What about having your maid of honor wear a more fabulous black dress compared to the other bridesmaids? Make hers long while the others wear cocktail length or have them or her wear a bright pink ribbon with the dress. I’d suggest a pale pink metallic strappy heel or silver heel with the black dresses to add a pop of color.

Q. I love your column! My boyfriend and I recently got engaged, and although I’ve been to tons of weddings, I’m so clueless about what to choose for my own bridesmaids. We’re planning the wedding for early September, and although I’ve always wanted my girls to be dressed in yellow (I love the color), I’m worried that it’s too summery for early fall in Canada. Also, we were thinking of using navy blue as a complimentary color, and we’re wondering if that would be a good choice since many sites that we have visited have said to use a pale green or purple with yellow, but I’m not very fond of those options. Finally, would silver or gold be better for accessories and shoes? I’m leaning towards silver, but my sister, who is my maid of honor, is petitioning for gold. Thanks so much for your help!

A. As long as you choose a dress that isn’t too revealing or summery in style, then yellow will be fine for early September as your color choice. I agree with your sister’s petition for gold accessories since it will match better with the warm, bright yellow. Silver will seem mismatched and too much of a contrast. Or, you could choose a satin navy for your shoe choice as a great punch to the dress choice. I’m not a big fan of purple while navy will help add a strong, conservative and classic hue to the Fall wedding. Just choose a yellow that will work with all your girls’ skin tones. Yellow can make pale girls look even more washed out and even sickly. Perhaps adding one band of color on the dress or wearing gold heels will help. And there’s always tinted moisturizer.

Whitney silk faille dress This Whitney silk faille dress from is shown with regal blue heels which lend a sassy touch. Add a ribbon band around the waist of the dress to add additional color.

$250 at

Q. I’m 16 years old and live in Nebraska.  This is not exactly the fashion capital of the states, but I still like to be chic and stylish.  What can I do with a yellow, brushed cotton, just above the knee yet full, pleated skirt?

A. Your skirt is probably a little too “light” in fabric for cold winters in Nebraska, but once the temperature hits 60, you can start showing it off with bright tops to give the look rich contrast and tanks and short sleeves shirts with sandals when summer arrives.

I like pairing brights together:

Jeanne TopFree People Bunny Hill ThermalSeamed 3/4 Knit Top

1. Jeanne Top, $24.50 at
2.  Free People Bunny Hill Thermal, $29.99 at
3. Seamed 3/4 Knit Top, $35 at

When Spring/Summer hits, match the hues with a simple top underneath a cardigan:

Zip Front Logo CardiganDeep V-Neck Polo Cable Brushed Ruffle Henley
153890 Pmu WJulia Shirt Sequin Bow Back Racer Top

1. Zip Front Logo Cardigan, $98 at
2. Deep V-Neck Polo, $60 at
3. Cable Brushed Ruffle Henley, $29.99 at
4. Jasmine Butterfly Top , $22.50 at
5. Julia Shirt , $32.50 at
6. Sequin Bow Back Racer Top, $19.50 at

Q. I recently bought an amazing python-skin sheath dress. The problem is, I do not know what type or color shoes to wear or what type of accessories would be best to show off this magnificent dress.  I am 5’2" and a size 4.  I love heels.
-Bare Feet Chic

A. Well, enjoy these suggestions from full pump to open toe to strappy heel depending on where and when you plan to strut your sassy self in your hot new dress.

Picture 1-33Cynthia Vincent AnnaBCBG Max Azria MarocaCharles by Charles David

1. Steve Madden Treason, $90 at
2. Cynthia Vincent Anna, $350 at
3. BCBG Max Azria Maroca, $230 at
4. Charles by Charles David Muse, $79.99 at

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