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Q. I have a pair of vintage Evan Picone trousers (mid-1980’s), which are navy blue with a very light grayish-white pinstripe and I am wondering what to wear with them. I also have just purchased a pair of black jodphurs and wondering what to wear with them as well?
-80’s Revamp

A. There are many options for both bottoms.  For both, don’t hesitate to add punches of color. They are both neutral colors that can be worn sleek and chic by wearing similar shades like a black cashmere turtleneck sweater with your jodhpurs and knee high boots or classic with a white button down that fits your shape well and add a patterned sweater.

For pants or jodhpurs:

Robinson coat Façonnable Draped Turtleneck SweaterCashmere cable turtleneck sweaterSlim stretch shirt

1. Robinson coat, $298 at - mix stronger stripes with the subtle ones on your pants or wear with a t-shirt and knee high boots with your jodhpurs
2. Façonnable Draped Turtleneck Sweater, $175 at
3. Cashmere cable turtleneck sweater, $175 at
4. Slim stretch shirt, $59.50 at - always a classic pairing with just about anything

Q. I’m having a dilemma with my mother. I want to know if wearing a gold dress with black leggings would look nice for a beach wedding in Mexico.
-Shine On

A. NO black leggings at a beach wedding in Mexico. And what kind of gold dress?  What kind of material?  Go for a fun, flowy colorful dress. It’s going to be hot and you’ll want to wear something light and adorable.

Q. I am a faithful reader of your advice column and now I have a question of my own.  I work as a pharmacy technician and I’m on my feet for 6 to 8 hours straight, mostly standing and typing.  I’m in search of comfortable shoes that are still cute and can be worn with jeans or nicer clothes.  It seems like everything made for comfort is lacking in style and most shoes I’m attracted to are not practical for work.
- Standing Strain

A. We’ve all had long standing days that lead to aching feet. First tip is to skip pointy shoes and obviously high heels, but it isn’t necessarily a good thing to wear completely flat shoes either. Look for shoes that have extra cushioning, padded insoles, a small heel and breathable leather fabric or a shoe that bends a bit with the movement of your foot. I’ve picked out some shoe styles that meet those requirements while allowing you to move between jeans and nicer clothes.

Aerosoles Best IntentionsFitzwell ElaineGeox D Ascot 1

Prari CandaceMartinez Valero AndieAerosoles Blind Sight

left to right:
1. Aerosoles Best Intentions, $79 at
2. Fitzwell Elaine, $69.95 at
3. Geox D Ascot 1, $283.95 at
4. Prari Candace, $299.95 at
5. Martinez Valero Andie, $148.95 at
6. Aerosoles Blind Sight, $79.99 (sale) at

Q. I recently purchased a cute pair of grey suede booties. My problem is, I really don’t know what to wear them with besides black. Can you give me some suggestions that are age appropriate for a 39 year-old?
-Booty and Black

A. I think of grey as a soft neutral, which means you can pair your new booties with plenty of other options. Pairing with just black can be boring unless you wear them with a black sweater dress and patterned tights. Try dark jeans, navy wide leg pants, a plaid skirt, grey tweed trousers, a mini dress in plum, olive, teal or midnight colors and add opaque tights. If you wear them with a skirt or dress, make sure the length doesn’t hit more than three inches below your knee. Booties have a tendency to make people look shorter in height.

Q. I’m attending my best friend’s wedding next year.  There is no dress code but my friend asked everyone to wear what they feel comfortable in. I’ve already started looking for dresses. I would love to wear something like a cocktail dress but I know that not everyone will be wearing dressy clothes. So I’m looking for a great dress, that isn’t too overdressed but still quite sophisticated and worthy for a best friend’s wedding. I would love a green one, I never had one but I always wanted one, my skin is quite pale but green matches so great with my green eyes. Do you have any recommendations for a great green not too overdressed but still sophisticated dress?
-Green Girl

A.  I’ve got plenty of options for green dresses that are sophisticated, but not over the top. You didn’t mention the time of year for the wedding, but when it comes to weddings you can generally get away with bare shoulders, strapless or halter styles all year long no matter if it’s cold or warm outside. While you mention that not all the guests will be dapper and dazzling I am positively adamant that for a best friend’s wedding, you should dress up. Quite frankly, unless someone gets married in the woods, guests should dress well for the occasion.

Kay Unger A-Line Satin DressCaroline short dress Maggy London Silk Chiffon Halter Dress A Common Thread V-Neck Empire DressSilk puff-sleeve dress

1. Kay Unger A-Line Satin Dress, $350 at
2. Caroline short dress, $129.99 at
3.  Maggy London Silk Chiffon Halter Dress, $98 at
4.  A Common Thread V-Neck Empire Dress, $294 at
5. Silk puff-sleeve dress, $148 at

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