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 AG Angel CordsQ. I recently purchased these thin corduroy pants in a camel color because they make my legs look amazing. However, whenever I buy camel-colored anything I find myself at a loss for what colors to match the item with and, inevitably, it’s left neglected in the closet.  How do I prevent this from happening?  I really want to wear these pants and maximize their potential.
- Camel-Confounded

A. Camel is a neutral that needs a pop of color or textured neutrals to give it life or it can end up draining color from your face and looking dull. When it comes to casual corduroys, you want to be comfy, cozy for Fall and Winter, but still show a stylish weekend wardrobe. Mix in colors, patterns and switch between layering thin pieces with wearing thicker sweaters. Add cool low-heeled boots and a light brown belt with a bigger buckle or extra detail.

 Lux Geo Floral Kimono Top Free People Daisy Tie SweaterEmma Ruffle Top Paige Cowl Neck

1. Lux Geo Floral Kimono Top, $42 at
2. Free People Daisy Tie Sweater, $118 at
3. Emma Ruffle Top, $34.50 at
4. Paige Cowl Neck, $39.50 at

Linea Pelle Caramel Stud BeltMotif 56 Fina Braided Belt,

5. Precious Fairisle Henley, $128 at
6. Linea Pelle Caramel Stud Belt, $69 at
7. Motif 56 Fina Braided Belt, $150 at

Q. I would like to invest in one or two pairs of high quality pants that will last me for years.  Are there designers out there who make styles that won’t look silly when altered for a short (and admittedly not tiny-hipped) person?  I’ve never bothered to try on anything fancier than Banana Republic level because I assume they won’t work for me, but I figured it was worth asking.
-College Alum

A. We all have our body “faults” no matter our size or shape that we can be a bit obsessive about or notice regularly. With that in mind and knowing all women think about their bodies, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have already tried on multiple designers to see how they cut and fit differently. I find that a way to lessen the stigma of curvy hips or butt is to find pants that have a wide band around the waist. It seems to minimize the area. I am a fan of Alice + Olivia pants for just that reason. I also like the new trouser jeans style and Anlo for their flattering fit for most body shapes.

Costly designers don’t always mean a better fit or fabric since some designers gain status and suddenly quality seems to go out the window. I would suggest trying Donna Karan as she is famous for cutting a slightly curvier fit.  And choose boot cut or even a slightly wider leg to balance out the waist to foot proportions. Only consider wearing skinny jeans tucked into knee high boots paired with longer length tunic style tops or sweaters. Avoid pleats and straight vertical pockets on pant seams since they’ll just poof out. And if any pockets do poof out, then consider having them sewn closed. 

Head to a good department store and enlist the help of a salesperson or, better yet, set up an appointment with the store’s personal shopper (it’s free). Tell her what you are searching for and let her do the work of finding you the right fit you’ll splurge on. She’ll pull the pants from various designers and you can get comfortable in the dressing room trying on multiple pairs until you hit clothing “gold.”

Q. Hi, I always read your articles and they are very informative and fun but I kind of have a problem myself this time. I am 22 years old and I often get mistaken for a 15 year old! It gets so frustrating when strangers tell you that you look like a baby. I wear a lot of flats, jeans, and tees but I do love classic-looking clothes, like my icon Audrey Hepburn. How can I possibly change my style to look my age? 
-22 Going on 15

A. Well, if you adore Audrey Hepburn, why not take some pointers from her style. It still works today. You don’t need a lot of money to age your look. Simply expand your wardrobe choices by keeping t-shirts for super casual days or pairing them with a fitted jacket this Fall. Other ideas to try:

• Wear dark denim jeans with a classic button down shirt, a belt that is a bit wider and has a stylish buckle and a jacket or a new moto leather jacket.

• Pair thin turtleneck or v-neck knit sweaters with slim pants and your dainty flats.

• Add a skinny patent belt at the waist and carry a clutch or shoulder bag that isn’t the bag you carry work stuff or gym stuff in.

• Go out and buy a dress. A little black dress that can be worn alone or add a sweater for warmth for a daytime look.

• Wear heels once in a while. The new platform heels give you height, but help you stand better.

• Add accessories like a chain link necklace or one with charms, dangly earrings for evening, a clutch that works for date nights.

• Wear your flats with opaque tights and a mini dress.

• Buy a pencil skirt and wear a top that has shine.

These are all minimal changes that can add style and age to your wardrobe. I guarantee you can find these pieces inexpensively. But most important is how you carry yourself when you wear these new or existing pieces. Walk with confidence, enjoy your clothes, experiment and add to the dress, a skirt, some heels and accessories and you’ll feel "chic and fancy".

Items that will up your age without making you look old:

Elizabeth Dress  Lux Silk Snapfront Dress Flutter DressNew Dream sweater dress

1. Elizabeth Dress , $44.50 at
2.  Lux Silk Snapfront Dress, $78 at
3.  Flutter Dress, $118 at
4. New Dream sweater dress, $140 at

 Superfine Tie up Henley Box Pleat Pencil Skirt  Jacquard High Waist Skirt Tulle Cable Knit Cardigan

5.  Superfine Tie up Henley, $108 at
6.  Box Pleat Pencil Skirt, $78 at
7.  Jacquard High Waist Skirt, $98 at
8.  Tulle Cable Knit Cardigan, $48 at

Q. I have searched the web trying to find out if summer skirts are ok to wear in the winter.  Most of mine are silk and lace with very light colors and florals.  Should you only wear darker skirts in winter and if summer skirts are ok what do you wear with them?  I have heard that you should not wear knee high boots with a skirt and a short sleeve shirt? Is that a no no? 
-Skirting the Issue

A.  Best way to wear your summer skirts is to layer them with lightweight knits on top and opaque tights. However, lace, unless for evening, and your summery florals and light colors will generally only last until October when our Autumn fades to colder temperatures. Skirts for Winter aren’t always darker shades, but they are the appropriate fabrics to ward off chilly weather.

Q. I live in NYC and I am attending a 40th HS reunion on Nov. 1.  My question is: Do I wear stockings with black suede peep toe shoes?  I bought a stunning black and brown dress and the suede pumps have a bit of brown on the edge of the peep toe.  Do I wear stockings?  Do I wear tights?  I do not think that the dress and shoes would look right with no stockings.
-Leg Show

A. We girls at StyleBakery, have been advising our stylish friends to wear opaque tights with peep toes this Fall. Just be sure to tuck the seam of the tights under your toes so they don’t show through the peep toe opening.

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