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Q. I live in NJ and I am wondering if I can wear a pink suit in the fall?
-Pretty in Pink

A. Unless your suit is a lightweight wool or cashmere blend, then it’s time to break down the pieces and wear them as separates in the Fall. If it’s linen, then store until next Summer. Pair your jacket with grey or black pants or skirts - a pinstripe would be chic.  When the temps dip add a black, cream or grey sweater as your layering piece underneath. Your pink pants or skirt is a little trickier, so pair it with neutral dark tones again like black, grey, even chocolate thin knit tops or suit jackets depending on the pink tone.

Q. I think ballet flats are super cute, however, my legs are short. I always wear heels because I feel frumpy with flats. Any suggestions on looking more chic?
-Steppin’ Out

A. There’s no reason you can’t embrace the ballet flat. You can’t live in heels 24/7 and flats are not only super cute, but some can be super comfy as well. Best way to create an elongated look is to wear your pants as long as possible without them dragging along the ground. And choose a flat that is more than just a solid leather. Go for patent or ornamentation, like a bejeweled pair, to give your outfit more sass. A stylish look will always beat out size and shape in overall judgement.

Q. Can linen be worn all year long, or is it just a summer fabric? If the linen is a dark color such as black, does this make a difference?
-Linen Leary

A. Linen is strictly a summer fabric no matter what the color. So wear it when the weatherman claims humidity is high and the temps are sweltering. Your only reason to keep it in your closet for winter is if you take a trip to the Caribbean, Bora Bora, Fiji or somewhere where it’s hot while the snow is falling in the States.

Q. I know that black patent shoes are big for fall.  What type of hosiery should be paired with black patent shoes?  It used to be considered a fashion faux pas to pair black tights or black hose with black patent leather shoes.  Is this still the case?

A. Where did you hear that fashion faux pas? I must have been too young to dress myself when that faux pas was discussed.  Now that patent is such a huge trend for Fall and opaque tights are blazing a trail and finding space in everyone’s drawer, it’s time to enjoy your black patent with just about any color tight depending on what you’re wearing on the rest of your body.

When you want smooth, wear solid opaque tights; when you want edgy, choose a pattern or textured tight with your patent heels.

Q. Is it inappropriate for flower girls in a wedding to wear white shoes in December?  And can grooms wear white shoes if their tuxes are white?
-White out

A. For flowers girls, pretty ballet flats or black or white patent leather Mary Janes are appropriate to wear for a wedding any time of the year.  Now comes my hesitancy about white tuxes on men in December. I am not a fan of an all white tux on men anytime and definitely not white shoes with white tuxes.

When it comes to standard wedding attire requirements for men:

Formal Evening: A formal evening wedding usually means black tie. The groom and groomsmen wear black tuxedos with white or ivory shirts and black ties, cummerbunds or vests. It s totally appropriate to add some color into this outfit if you wish. Another option is to go the James Bond 007 route and choose white or ivory dinner jackets for a formal evening wedding.

Ultraformal Evening: When you expect everyone to show up in gowns. This is when men go white tie and it s reserved for the most elaborate evening weddings. The groom and groomsmen wear black tailcoats with white waistcoats or vests, wing-collared shirts and white bow ties. They can also wear fancy studs and cufflinks and their shoes are usually black patent leather. White or light colored suits are usually reserved for summer months and are worn in lighter fabrics like cotton and linen.

If you must have your white tuxedos, then have the men wear black cummerbunds and ties so they can wear black dress shoes.

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