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Q. I am sure the answer is probably somewhere in your column but I can’t find it.  I bought some really cute ballet flats.  My dilemma is, what to do when it gets colder? I live in Colorado.  Can I wear light socks with them? I wear jeans most of the time.  And should I match the shoes or wear a contrasting color?  I don’t want to look like a fashion disaster.
-Happy Feet

A. You can wear your ballet flats all year long when you add a little coverage to keep your feet warm.  Avoid bulky knit socks and opt for opaque tights or knee high trouser socks that are thinner and in the same color hue as your flats.  If you wear your ballet flats with a skirt or dress, you can go for the monochromatic look and match tights to flats for a long, lean look or go for a spunky, young look and choose a color to offset the skirt and flats.

Q.  I’m attending a formal evening wedding this September in Southern California. I’ve found this black strapless dress (with tiny gold polka-dots on it, a black sash that ties on the side of the waist, and it falls just below my knees).  What do you think about a 3-strand necklace of chunky gold (not shiny) beads — it falls almost to the top of the dress. They make quite the statement, because of their size, but my friends seem to think they look fabulous!   Still, I’d like your input, especially with pairing the gold necklace with gold heels.  Speaking of which, what do you think about some great gold heels?  I am afraid of being too matchy-matchy with the gold, but I can’t imagine wearing black heels. Won’t that look like potential funeral attire?
-Dress Wear

A. I do say go for the gold regarding your heels, but be sure the gold multi strand necklace doesn’t make the outfit look too ’80s.  Put the complete outfit on and get a second opinion, since it is a formal affair you want to also make sure you look classy and sophisticated.  Confidence in your clothes makes up for at least 50% of your wardrobe successes, so if you love it then wear it!

Q. I’m 5’1 and curvy at around 125 lbs.  I know that for petite women, wide leg denim is a no-no, but I wanted to know if there are any exceptions to this rule.  I love the way it looks. Is it possible for me to wear wide leg/low rise wide waistband jeans if I get them on the longer side (tailored) and I also wear heels with them? By the way- I do have saddlebags.
-Curvy Frame
Banana Republic Petite classic dark wash wide-leg trouser jean

A. Depending on how wide the jeans are, you may be able to pull off the look. Super wide may be too much for your height to carry, but a little width (like in the pair shown here from can help balance out hips and saddlebags. The key is to choose pants that have the right placement of pockets and the wide waistband will help minimize the butt and tummy area. And definitely keep them on the longish side and wear with heels or heeled boots to help elongate your legs. Be sure to take a good look in the mirror - you’ll know if the style works for you.

Q. I’ve had this really simple question for years: my body is slim with basically no boobs at all. I usually go for the Wonderbra for a little help, but when I’ve worn a dress or a summer shirt with no bra, many people have told me it looks great and that someone with my complexion can get away with the no-boobs look. So, what do you think, should I stop wearing a bra? Or is it a terrible style sin? By the way, I’m a 22 year old university student.
-Small Chested

 Fashion Forms: Ultimate Silicone Gel Petals With Travel Case A.  I’m all for the freedom of going sans bra when you are small chested or as you say, “no boobs at all” when it comes to wearing a halter top, tube top, sundress and those lazy days when you want to be super comfortable. It’s good to have the option of going without or getting a little or a lot of help from a Wonderbra.  Just be sure the tops aren’t see-through and consider getting gel petals for a smooth look when you don’t want to wear a bra.

Q. I am attending a close friend’s evening wedding in late October. I have chosen a deep turquoise strapless bubble hem dress for the event. I am, however, unsure how to style this for a cool fall evening. Should I wear tights and heels? What kind of cover-up should I wear?
-Wear With What

Love Quotes ScarvesA. For a wedding, many of us will brave the chilly temps to wear great heels and bare a little leg for evening. You will be inside 98% of the time so you can still wear your favorite peep toes or even a strappy if that’s what looks best with the dress.  For weddings, I advise skipping a wedge heel since they hamper a girl that likes to do a lot of dancing.

If you are concerned that your legs will have a permanent case of goose bumps, then wear sheer hosiery in a color that matches either your heels or the dress.  Although turquoise sheer hosiery may be too ”Versace-like” for the wedding crowd. As for the cover-up, you’ll need a jacket to cover you from car to ceremony and ceremony to reception. A trench, ¾ length light coat or even a cropped jacket will do. When indoors, if you get a little chill, look for a lightweight wrap like one from Love Quotes. It will keep your look feminine and pretty whereas a wool wrap in October may look heavy.

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