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Q. Can you wear black shoes if you are wearing a dark blue shirt?
-Color Confusion

A. Yes, you can wear black shoes with a dark blue shirt - in fact, navy and black is a hot color combination this season and for fall. Navy, midnight and any dark blue shades are generally the most navy and black is a hot color combination this seasondifficult to try finding an exact match to your blue clothing, but an exact match can be boring. A safe bet is black, but don’t hesitate to try other color combinations like olive, burgundy, eggplant.

Q. Do you think pantyhose is a must with a knee length skirt in the office? I just started my first professional job and I’m 22. I am not really sure. Also I don’t know really how to ask because I work with all men which also makes me believe bare legs might be inappropriate. I really want to wear skirts but without looking slutty. I just feel I am too young for pantyhose.
-Leg Look

A. I understand your uncertainty and gold star to you for wanting to make the appropriate professional impression. Depending on what kind of job you have could determine if pantyhose are expected or not.I believe if your skirt is long enough, knee length and not a mini, then it should be acceptable to go sans hose during the warm weather months. Instead of asking a male coworker, stop by or call human resources and ask them if there are any written or expected wardrobe guidelines for both men and women. I’m not a fan of companies expecting women to wear pantyhose all year long especially during summer months when it’s hot and uncomfortable. I believe if your skirt is long enough, knee length and not a mini, then it should be acceptable to go sans hose during the warm weather months. I’m sure you won’t look slutty, just don’t wear a stiletto heel at the office.

Q. I am turning 35 next month and consider myself to be fairly hot (for my age - ha!). I would like to find a backless dress. It seems like since I’ve been looking for a backless dress, I cannot find one - of course. Any ideas on where I can get one without spending a fortune?
-Bare Back

A. Adore a girl that has great self-confidence. One tip when choosing a backless dress: avoid anything too short or too tight - showing TOO much skin is never chic.

Bare that back at your birthday in one of these hot dresses:

Holly Toya Dress with Twist Rope BackLaROK Joyce Dress in CreamAlice + Olivia Paris DressRag & Bone Silk Mini Dress

1. Holly Toya Dress with Twist Rope Back, $185 at
2. LaROK Joyce Dress in Cream, $187 at
3. Alice + Olivia Paris Dress, $231 at
4. Rag & Bone Silk Mini Dress, $231 at

Q. I’m getting married on a Saturday night in December. I already have my dress - it’s by Amsale and it’s long, simple and elegant. However, I love clothes and fashion and I plan to change into another dress after dinner. I’m looking for something very fashion forward, not trendy, but more of-the-moment than a regular wedding dress. I definitely want the second dress to be white (or ivory / off white) and short so that it’s great for dancing and moving around in. I also would like to be able to wear it again if possible. It doesn’t have to be a wedding dress from a wedding dress designer, especially since I don’t want to pay wedding dress prices (already did that once!). Do you have any suggestions for dresses or designers that may make the type of dress I’m looking for?
-Dress to Dance

A. Glad you plan to have genuine fun at your wedding! Too many brides look back years later and can’t remember the food or dancing since they spent so much time going table to table to say hi to plenty of relatives and parents’ friends they rarely see or know. Eat, drink, dance and be merry. Make the grand impression in your wedding dress, get the photos taken care of, mingle and eat the dinner you painstakingly chose. Then change into a shorter fabulous dress and dance the night away with your new husband and friends.

These dresses will work on the dance floor, at another affair and keep you cool indoors:

BCBG Max Azria Lace Empire Mini DressRobert Rodriguez Ruffled Silk DressBCBG Max Azria 'D Esprit' Trimmed Point Strapless DressCarmen Marc Valvo Pleated Chiffon Cocktail DressBCBG Max Azria Strapless Appliqué DressCarmen Marc Valvo Sequin Lace Dress

1. BCBG Max Azria Lace Empire Mini Dress, $400 at
2. Robert Rodriguez Ruffled Silk Dress, $396 at
3. BCBG Max Azria ‘D Esprit’ Trimmed Point Strapless Dress, $440 at
4. Carmen Marc Valvo Pleated Chiffon Cocktail Dress, $565 at
5. BCBG Max Azria Strapless Appliqué Dress, $396 at
6. Carmen Marc Valvo Sequin Lace Dress, $568 at

Q. I am invited to a yacht party that is also a first date. What do I wear? Do I wear wedge heels or flip-flops? Cargo capris?
-Boat Wear

skip the super casual garb and put on something a little dressierA. The word yacht brings up images of wealth, status, and certainly better clothes than flip flips and cargo capris. So skip the super casual garb and put on something a little dressier like a skirt and cute top with wedge sandals or white pants and a striped top and metallic flats or even a lightweight summer dress and sandals. And remember, a first date is the only time you get to make a good first impression so it is always best to dress up a bit rather than go schlumpy. Leave the cargo carpris for a sporty active date.

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