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Q. My girlfriend and I are having a debate about these Spring work horses. I maintain that they have been in the forefront of style for so long, they are going out, out, out, with the Bermuda or walking short replacing them.  She debates with the truth that stores are still selling them.  I am also very tired of them and I think they are not attractive on all of us.
-Looking for an Out

A. I am not a big fan of the Capris either, but alas stores are still selling loads of them.  I find it a personal preference for most people.  It should come down to fit and length depending on your shape and height.  If one wishes for something lighter to wear then go for the walking short or Bermuda short.

Q. Can you wear a sheer hose with cropped pants or capris?
-Capri Cover

A. The point of capris or cropped pants is to wear a “lighter” pant when the weather gets warmer. So, unless you’re wearing hose with a skirt or hose underneath pants to keep you warmer during the cold months, then skip the hose with leg baring pants.

Q. What color shoes should I wear with a gold dress? It is a halter top, tea-length, kind of ruched in the middle and I really liked it and figured I would just find some shoes for it later, now I need help! I have had friends tell me animal print or red, but I’m just not sure! Also, what color jewelry would you suggest, I was thinking something to match the shoes after I found them.
-Going for the Gold

A. Choose either a muted pale gold heel or go for a natural (cream, light tan) to add a sophisticated touch. Animal print or red may create a fashion faux pas if it appears over the top.  And choose simple gold jewelry since you’ll be shining in the dress already.

Q. I just bought a pair of gorgeous red ballet flats… but I really don’t know what to wear them with. I don’t know if I should just add them in my wardrobe as a bright accessory or should a wear them with a red shirt and jeans?
-Red Right

A. Consider them a bright new addition to your wardrobe that doesn’t require a matching red shirt. Pair them with navy and white stripes, black and white polka dots, or any pattern skirt, dress or top that has a bit of red in it. And they look fabulous with jeans.

Q. I am going to a cowboy wedding! I need some helpful hints/tips?
-Cowboy Couture

A. It’s time to get out your cowboy boots for a rip roaring good time. Better learn a little line dancing as well!  Depending on the invite, it’s best to wear a dressy skirt and top or a dress with cowboy boots and perhaps a hat as well. Skip jeans unless you find out that half the attendees plan to wear them, and then please choose a dark wash. It’s always better to err on the fancier side. Why not wear a fancy A-line skirt, crisp white blouse and a fitted denim jacket? You can always add a big buckled belt as well. Or look for gingham or plaid light cotton shirts to pair with a full skirt. Pow wow with others attending the wedding and find out what they intend to wear and it will help you decode the invitation. There can be a big difference between a wedding in a barn and a fancy hotel or country club.

Try replacing the belts that come with these dresses with a big buckled belt. Then add a cowboy hat and perhaps cowboy boots.

Carmen Marc Valvo Battenburg Halter ShirtdressPlenty by Tracy Reese Surplice Silk Blend DressLux Plaid Ruffle Top Dress

Panama Cowboy With Sequin Trim Bt2835231

left to right: Carmen Marc Valvo Battenburg Halter Shirtdress, $310 at;  Plenty by Tracy Reese Surplice Silk Blend Dress, $320 at; Lux Plaid Ruffle Top Dress, $34.99 at; Panama Cowboy With Sequin Trim, $88 at; Etched Plaque belt, $28 at

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