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Q. I am not a logo person by any means but have always been drawn to the Tory Burch Reva Flat. I wear flats to work most days and I’m trying to decide if I want this shoe to be my next purchase. Would you consider the Reva Flat to be a ‘trend’ or more of a classic style staple?


A. The Tory Burch Reva Flat has definitely moved into “classic shoe” territory — no longer a trendy must-have, this iconic shoe is one that you can wear for years. That being said, if you have always been drawn to them and can afford the $195 price tag, then enjoy wearing them without worrying whether they are trendy or not. The tricky part now will be deciding which of the many versions available to choose!


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Q. After hours of searching online, I’ve concluded that nude, neutral, or beige heels only come in heels above 3 inches! I know that works for most ladies who are more daring than I, but I am looking for a pair of nude heels for a wedding I am in this May. I am by far the tallest bridesmaid in the bunch, and I’m hoping not to stand out too much from the rest of the shorties - can you help? Another requirement: the bride has requested that heels do not have anything other color in them.


A. True, most evening shoes are of the sky-high variety, but we found several that are under 3 inches high:

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We want to know what you think! Comment in the discussion box below for a chance to win gift cards and other fun prizes.

Q. I just purchased a pair of J Crew Cafe capris in a gorgeous bright green and need help in what to pair them with. I am more of a conservative/classic dresser so the pants are a bit bolder than I would usually wear but I love the color. Can you make some suggestions that aren’t too trendy and more on the classic side to balance out this look?

A. Great purchase! You hit on one of my favorite trends for the season: colorful cropped pants, either monochromatic or printed. The gorgeous bright green you selected has a preppy feel to me and can easily be incorporated into a classic wardrobe. On top, try pairing everything from a blue nautical top or blazer to a white button down, blouse or chambray shirt. Your shoes can be everything from a ballet flat or loafer to a classic pump or wedge (choose a contrasting color for a little fun!). Here are some ideas for inspiration:


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