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B000J3Vzzw.01-A2Fmoxn01Tsnyy.Pt01. Sclzzzzzzz Sx288 V34087409 Q. The dress I plan to wear on New Year’s Eve is one that hugs every curve. It is not tight or structured, but the material is thin and metallic so EVERY seam of what I wear underneath will show. Plus the straps are too thin for me to get away with bra straps. Is there any underwear that one can get away with under such a revealing dress? I am looking for something that won’t wrinkle or ride up or squish me  into an unnatural shape. Picture the Bebe ‘silk crinkle dress’ that Mischa Barton is wearing. Could she possibly be wearing anything under this?
- Barely There

16846FasA. She’s certainly not wearing a bra, so get ready to go braless.  Fashion Forms offers many options that provide support with minimal coverage ranging from the Nu Bra Ultralite Backless Bra (shown left) to Ultimate Silicone Gel Petals.

R363994-P392716-Front-1As for underwear, you’ll need to go with a g-string. A g-string is the smallest and thinnest item you can get away with under your dress. And be sure that the g-string fits comfortably and isn’t tight since you don’t want to any lines or small bulges.

shown right, DKNY City Gem thong

Q. Wow!  Great web site.  I was unable to find the answer to my question, so here goes: I am a 48 year old plus size woman and work as a Legal Secretary for a corporate law firm.  The Powers-That-Be have decided to switch our holiday evening party to a luncheon this year at a trendy restaurant in Washington DC.  I am at a loss as to what would be appropriate holiday attire for this event.  I know it is more casual than an evening event, but I am not sure what would be appropriate for a luncheon. We will be at work in the morning, then walking to the restaurant from the office.
-Work Wear Wonder   

A. While the timing may have changed from evening to lunch, there is no reason you shouldn’t wear something more stylish for the occasion - especially since it’s at a trendy restaurant. This calls for a dress. Wearing a dress will help you stand out from the pants and shirt crowd, give you a youthful appearance and allow you the opportunity to break from the “what you wear to work every day” look.  Add some nice hosiery and heels and you’re ready for holiday cheer.  I’ve picked out some great dresses that are age and event appropriate:

 5245389 5192755Picture 1-11Picture 2-13
left to right:
Maggy London Faux Wrap Shirtdress, $138 at
Lily Three Quarter Sleeve Surplice Dress, $92 at
Ruched Surplice Dress, $116 at
Poet Sleeved Faux Wrap Dress, $128 at

Q. I am attending a non-traditional wedding (no suggested attire, but the bride is wearing a cocktail dress). I have a vintage silk sheer dress that is a bit of a tartan pattern with a metallic gold thread running through. It is just below the knee. It would look great with gold shoes … but the hose? It will be very chilly up here mid-December. I will likely wear a dark (burgundy or black) full slip under the dress (it is totally sheer), but I am stuck on what to wear on my legs. Bare legs are not an option!
-Bare Not

19283 Hsrphtssw02 H040306MA. Hanes has an invisible sheer to toe hosiery that truly made me a believer when I had a model wear them with strappy sandals on a cold evening shoot in Times Square.

Hanes: Silk Reflections Transparent Sheer To Waist Pantyhose
$8.95 at

Q. I love the advice you give and hope you’re able to answer my question. I have a couple of cute, retro style high heel peep toe shoes that I got this summer. I would love to be able to continue wearing into fall. I know generally speaking, hosiery with open toe shoes are a no-no. But I’m in my 20’s and think I might be able to get away with wearing peep toe heels with cute stocking. What’s your take on stockings with peep toe shoes? 
-A Toe Show 

A. My take is simple—this year it seems everyone will embrace a fun attitude with hosiery and tights. Wear your peep toes with opaque tights or even sheers, just be sure the sheers are sheer to toe and not sandalfoot.

Q. I am getting married in six months and I have picked out a nice dress that my bridesmaids will be able to get plenty of wear out of. The problem is, one of my girls likes it so much she wants to go ahead and wear it to an event next month. I will not be able to attend, but she, her husband, and my fiance will be going. Is it tacky for me to ask her not to wear the dress until after she has worn it in my wedding? I picked this dress specifically because I thought it was classy and could be worn again, but not before the wedding! Am I being ridiculous?
-To Wait or Not To Wait

A. Call your girlfriend and request that she hold off on wearing the dress until your wedding day.  Not only does it seem to pull away some of the initial glory from your special day, but what if the unforeseen mishap occurs like spilled wine, food stains or a ripped seam? Tell her that, while you understand the expense involved in buying the dress and your purpose was to make sure that the dress has an afterlife, you’d like it to occur after the wedding and to please respect your wishes.

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