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Hello Alison! I was just wondering when it is officially ok to wear velvet. It is now after Labor Day, but it is also about 78 degrees. Would it be ok to wear velvet now? Or would I just look silly if I did? 
-Confused in Indy

A. It’s a bit too early to slide on that soft, slightly shiny, luxe fabric.  Hold off until the temperatures drop in October, then wear it through February with abandon.

Q. What is appropriate to wear to a wedding at a campsite on the lake in upper Michigan? The weather is warm during the day but chilly at night. They will have a large tent for the reception and the bride is wearing a traditional wedding gown and the groom is wearing a tux with Birkenstocks.
-Camp and cocktails 

A. Obviously, we’re not talking black tie.  There are still plenty of options. First off, skip high heels and choose a low kitten heel or wedge so you don’t sink into the ground.  Don’t wear anything long.  Consider a wrap dress, a dressier skirt and pretty top or a dress that is appropriate for a more casual wedding, but nothing you’ll be worried about getting a little dust or smidge of dirt on.  And bring a wrap like a Pashmina or a pretty cardigan.  If the dress is simple, look for a cardigan that has extra details like beading.

Q. I recently purchased a Kooba bag, the “Marcelle” style in the Moss green color.   This bag was a bit of a splurge for me and I was so excited to find it and could not wait for it to arrive!  I was thinking that this bag would be something that would still be in style for the next few seasons.  However, since receiving it a week ago, and after having seen some of the fall magazines highlighting bags that are a “cleaner less detailed style”, I’m now wondering  whether this style - with the grommets all over the bag and handles, the laces and the outside pockets at each end - is something that is going to carry me through a few seasons or whether it is already “kind of out of style”.

Since I have not yet used the bag, I’m now wondering if I should return it and look for a style with less detailing and a cleaner sleeker appearance, or if this Marcelle bag that I purchased is a style that will still be fashionable through this year and into next year at least.   While I’d love to have the luxury of being able to buy the “hottest” bag each season as the celebrities do, that is not my reality…but I do want a great, fashionable quality bag that can carry me through a few seasons! Thanks in advance for your perspective! 
-Bag it or not? 

Koob-Wy65 V1-BigA. First rule of fashion—LOVE what you buy.  If you love it, don’t get caught up in the what’s in and what’s out list that fashion editors comprise.  Carry it with confidence.  Kooba is a great bag company known for their detailing and luxe leathers. While the grommets and lacing are evident, the bag isn’t overwhelmed with additional big buckles or oversized outside pockets that might make it trendy. It’s a great bag that should last a few seasons if well taken care of.  My only question would be the color—do you believe you have enough pieces in your wardrobe, including classic colored jackets and coats to use this as an everyday bag?  I adore that you’re choosing color, but you should have a backup bag (it needn’t be pricey) that is brown or black for some occasions.

Kooba Marcelle bag, $595 at

Q. I was just watching you on THE VIEW. My mom taught me “no white shoes, hats, etc.” before Memorial Day or after Labor Day.   Does this rule also apply to straw hats?  I live in NY and wear hats to church, temple, daytime weddings, etc.  Is straw ‘out’ in the fall?
-Labor day wonder   

0458757078412 Astl 300X400A. It’s time to put away the straw hats and straw bags.  Straw is definitely a “wear in warm weather material.” If you lived in a year round warm city, you could extend the wear and carry of straw items, but since the temps in NY will be changing, it is time to pack away your straw items. 

As for white, while most items like white sandals, white linen clothing and some white dresses should be stored for next season, feel free to wear your white jeans, white shirts and more all year long.  Designer Michael Kors has repeatedly remarked that wearing white jeans in winter with a black or camel cashmere turtleneck sweater is sleek and chic. And I agree.

shown here, White Saks Fifth Avenue Signature Lace-Trim Merino Cardigan, $298 at

Q. I just bought a beautiful cream cocktail evening dress. It has hints of gold through the dress (glitter) and some gold trim around the bust area as an accent.  I have cream shoes with a hint of gold (sandal with heel) and purchased a gold evening bag. Not much gold in the dress just hints through the outer lining.  My question is what color hosiery should I wear?  My legs are tanned but not very smooth looking so I think I should wear hosiery. So, what color do you suggest?  I will be wearing this around the end of September in Las Vegas for a night out on the town.  Help. 
–Leg Coverage   

Picture 1-4A. While I wish I could convince you to go bare legged for the occasion, I understand you feeling more confident in hosiery.  I am not a fan of flesh-toned hosiery since so many women choose the wrong color to match their skin color. I suggest a very sheer hose with a hint of gold shimmer, since Vegas is all about the glitz, or a very pale crystal, cream or sheer nude so your skin tone will show through.

shown left, Givenchy Body Gleamers Superb Panty Hose, $8.50 at

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