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Q. Jeans, I love them, but I cannot find any that fit! I have large thighs and a small waist. It seems they all have narrow thigh space for a size 10. What brand will work for me?

Gp372068-00P01V01-1Believe it or not, we have found the Gap Boot cut curvy to be quite flattering. They sit just below the waist and are slightly relaxed through the hip and thigh. A bit of stretch helps get a great fit while the boot cut helps balance out a pear shape.

Joe’s Honey jeans are cut with a fitted waist and a contoured shape which is sexy, curvy and voluptous. With a 7 1/2“ rise, they sit a bit lower on the waist than the Gap jeans.

And finally, Notify offers sculpt sizing on its Ornatus style. In addition to the usual waist sizing, they also offer A, B and C sizes built specifically for your level of curve (A is for a slight curve and C is for a full curve). So a curvy girl with a small waist can opt for a 28C for example. They’re hard to find online and are a bit pricey ($260), but a great fitting pair of jeans is worth it, no?

And if all else fails, we suggest buying a pair that fits well in the hips and thighs and wearing a belt that fits flush against the body without adding bulk to prevent any gaps in the waist.

Q. I recently started a new job and wanted to celebrate with a treat to myself…splurging on a great bag. Can you recommend a medium-sized bag I could use all year long and that is fashionable but not too trendy/flashy?  I’m looking for something classic, but I’m willing to spend a lot so I want to be able to use the bag summer, winter, spring or fall.
-Brilliant Bag

A. Oooh! This was fun.  Not sure what your “splurge” budget is, so I may have gone a bit overboard. Here are some suggestions of brilliant bags that are neutral colored and classic styles without lots of hardware to complicate the look or be too trendy.


Francesco Biasia ‘Pure Magic’ Large Satchel,
$480 at


Cole Haan ‘Village’ Large Drawstring Tote,
$425 at

P11007558 Ph Hero

Kooba Ginger Bag with Braid,
$635 at

0442131766682 275X275

Gucci Medium Shoulder Bag,
$1895 at

Q. I am going to a wedding Sept. 30th in Tennessee. I have a sleeveless black dress that I planned on wearing. I would like to wear a shawl as a cover for my shoulders. Are Pashminas past season, or would something else be more appropriate?
-Wrap Up

A. While other fashion editors may say Pashminas are passé, no doubt many of them still own them and travel with them. There are plenty of stylish wraps that will give a little coverage for the religious ceremony or just to keep your shoulders warm. If you already have a Pashmina that looks good with your chosen dress for the occasion, then by all means wear it, if not here are a few suggestions:


Tissue-Weight Cashmere Wrap
(comes in many colors)
$99 at


Sean Collection Bead-Trim Silk Shawl
(also in black),
$40 at

0402646756110 275X275

Ilana Wolf Satin Ruffle Capelet,
$225 at

Q. Do you have any suggestions of stores and styles to try for a 5 foot, size 0, pregnant gal? I am about to enter the 6th month of my pregnancy and now that I am truly showing (and 3 cup sizes larger) I can no longer get away with my pre-pregnancy clothes. It was always hard to find styles that were proportioned to my small build but add in a baby belly and it seems impossible. A lot of maternity clothes are cut like tents, which make me look as wide as I am tall. Also, I don’t want to break the bank for clothes that are only going to be useful to me for another 3 to 4 months. Any suggestions as to how I can live out these last months in a more Angelina than Britney fashion?
-Pleasantly Preggers

A. There are countless women who will read your question and think, “If only I could have your worries of being a size 0 and trying to find maternity clothes!”  Since affordable and stylish maternity clothes are difficult for every size, I’ve pulled a list together that will fit into every pregnant woman’s wardrobe worries, from tops and pants to skirts and dresses. Check out sites like,, nicolematernity,, (for Liz Lange) and Always check the sales and clearance sections of the maternity websites for great deals. Also, you can get the most out of pre-pregnancy and early pregnancy clothes using Belly Bands, a great maternity accessory we recently featured.

22C392062hug-a-boo rib kimono top,
$70 at

30504A-1trixies tube,
$66 at

20115 Mid RPerfect Cropped Poplin Pant,
$78 at

Q. What color shoes would I wear with a white dress with a green and blue floral pattern on it? It is more dominantly white, has thin straps and is just below knee length. The dress is very summery, but dressy enough where I can’t wear simple summer sandals. Any ideas on what type of shoe and also the color? I have always had the hardest time matching a shoe to any dress/skirt that is blue and white. I was thinking about wearing this dress to an upcoming wedding that is early evening and will be very hot, but I have always been told not to wear white to a wedding, even though there is a big floral pattern on the dress.
-Color Confused

A. Well, the dress is not completely white since it has a pattern, so go ahead and wear the dress to the wedding. As for sandals, choose a dressy higher heeled sandal in green, blue or go for metallic like silver or gold, which will instantly make the outfit look more sophisticated.

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