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Q. I was recently at a Premier Jewelry party and was very confused.  How do I know if I should be wearing gold or silver jewelry?  I have a good many silver pieces.  My boyfriend gave me a gold ring with a topaz stone, so now I only wear gold.  Can you mix the colors?  What about copper - can you wear it with gold?
-Color Quandry 

A. Don’t feel stymied by your jewelry choices.  Even though you’re wearing a gift of gold and topaz on your finger, you can still continue to wear silver.  If you wear gold on your finger or wrist you can wear silver around your neck and on your ears.  For example, I wear a silver watch, but still wear gold earrings and a beaded necklace with gold details.  Unless the earrings or necklace mix gold and silver, then I’d suggest you keep your ears and necklace in the same precious metals.  If you wear a gold ring I’d keep your other rings and bracelet on that hand in the gold tone as well. If you wear a silver watch on one hand, you can still wear a gold ring on the other. The bottom line is, it’s ok to mix metals as long as they are not visually close together.

Q. I’m under 5ft, a size 14/16 and over 50.  What length of skirt do I wear since I now only wear flatish type shoes.  Do I wear a short skirt, knee length or a skirt to my ankles.
-Skirt Concerned 

A. For your age and petite height, avoid long skirts that hit around the ankles, they will only stunt your height and make you appear even shorter. Obviously avoid the mini since you’re not in your 20’s or 30’s. Look for skirts that are not too voluminous that hit just below the knee.  The length will balance your proportions better and just because you’re wearing “flatish” shoes, don’t give up on choosing stylish shoes whether they’re flats or kitten heels.

Here are 3 skirt options we found at in your size:

Mac & Jac Abstract
Watermelon Print Skirt, $72


Jones New York Signature
Knot Print Skirt, $74


Softwear Soft Touch
Print Skirt, $64

Q.  I’m getting married in September and I’m a little stuck on my bridesmaid’s colors. We ordered their dresses because we thought the dresses were hot pink, however they are more of a fuchsia. My colors are hot pink, light pink and a summer green. What do I do about the dresses being fuchsia? I soooo don’t know what to do and I’m freaking out.  I already bought some hot pink stuff and the flower girl…..her skirt is hot pink.
-Pretty in Pink, Pink and More Pink 

A. Wow, you really love pink. If you can’t exchange the dresses, stop fretting.  The freaking out will only consume you, bug your fiancé and upset your bridesmaids.  I understand and empathize with your problem - biggest day of your life and all - but remember it’s about you and your fiancé getting married and spending your lives together, not the colors matching.  You can’t make your bridesmaids buy new dresses. If all the bridesmaids have the same color on, it will look like you intended to have them wear fushchia-one more shade of pink. Say you just couldn’t get enough of all shades of pink. If guest or family member makes a comment, say there was a little snafu, but you just let it roll off your shoulders to enjoy the important experience.  And if you want to change something, then get a different skirt for the flower girl.

Q. When is the season for cropped pants? What is the best way to wear the new summer short trend?
-Shorts Unsure 

V0416340339630 V1 M56577569831226572-1A. The stores are so flooded with cropped pants and shorts this season that it’s difficult to find a good pair of lightweight pants. Cropped pants have become a year round length for pants, but in order to wear them for each season you need to choose appropriate fabrics.  For summer, choose cropped pants in cotton, linen and denim and pair with flats, sandals, wedges and espadrilles.  For winter, choose cropped pants in wool blends and velvet and wear them with your knee-high boots.

As for shorts, inseam lengths matter. Unless you’re under 25, skip any inseam that isn’t 5 inches or longer - nobody needs to see butt cheek when you bend over or bend down!  Obviously, shorts worn with tees and tanks and cute kicks (sneakers) are meant for sporty activities.  If you’re looking for a stylish option, pair your shorts with a cuter top, add long beads and wear with sandals that have some kind of heel. For a “night out” wardrobe or even casual Friday at the office, pair your longer length shorts (they hit just below or at the knee) with a cute top, fitted jacket and sassy wedges or espadrilles to give you height. For a classic look, wear your shorts with a crisp, fitted button down shirt and roll up the sleeves, a belt with a bigger belt buckle and sandals.

BCBG Max Azria Diana Cuffed Shorts (shown here), $108 at

Q. It’s the beginning of the rainy season where I live and I need help finding a cute and fashionable umbrella to take around. I’m really into the clear ones with designs on them and can’t seem to find any. Can you help??
-Stay Dry Stylishly

Nmd2489 An A. We girls at are big fans of the Burberry bubble style clear umbrella that comes in several color combos.  We wax nostalgic about having worn yellow rain slickers to elementary school and splashing in puddles. Of course, I still splash in puddles with my toile rain boots on!  With a clear umbrella you can stay dry and still see what’s ahead of you.  I’ve found a few “clear” choices for you along with a pattern that just jumped out at me.

Burberry Clear-Panel Umbrella, $115 at

see also the Kate Spade clear stick umbrella for $95 at

Rb01 White-1

We found a few cute clear umbrellas
at, like this clear bubble stick
version for $17.90


Echo Print Umbrella
$45 at
(also in a great striped print that I love!)

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