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Q. I was recently at a Premier Jewelry party and was very confused.  How do I know if I should be wearing gold or silver jewelry?  I have a good many silver pieces.  My boyfriend gave me a gold ring with a topaz stone, so now I only wear gold.  Can you mix the colors?  What about copper - can you wear it with gold?
-Color Quandry 

A. Don’t feel stymied by your jewelry choices.  Even though you’re wearing a gift of gold and topaz on your finger, you can still continue to wear silver.  If you wear gold on your finger or wrist you can wear silver around your neck and on your ears.  For example, I wear a silver watch, but still wear gold earrings and a beaded necklace with gold details.  Unless the earrings or necklace mix gold and silver, then I’d suggest you keep your ears and necklace in the same precious metals.  If you wear a gold ring I’d keep your other rings and bracelet on that hand in the gold tone as well. If you wear a silver watch on one hand, you can still wear a gold ring on the other. The bottom line is, it’s ok to mix metals as long as they are not visually close together.

Q. What in the world do I wear to a company picnic that I’m attending with my husband July 30?  He works for a rather large corporation.  There will be sports and swimming (which I’m not about to do…swimsuit, yuck!)  Here is my major concerns:  I want to look conservative but stylish.  Also, my biggest physical liability is my arms, so nothing sleeveless!  If you can answer this email I would be eternally grateful!  
-Corporate Dressing Coward   

WhattoweartocompanypicnicA. This is meant to be a fun occasion that boosts employee moral and builds company relationships. You’re there to support your husband and simply enjoy the festivities.  You’ll probably see a sea of men wearing shorts and golf shirts while the women will vary from skirts to shorts to sundresses depending on the activities they wish to participate in.  It only reflects well on your husband to look good, but comfortable, be friendly and join in some of the sporty activities. 

Shorts are such a huge trend this season, we just did a segment on “The View” with tips on finding the best style for different body shapes and have a new style recipe, Shorts Story, with plenty more options.  I think shorts with a short-sleeved top or a fitted button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up will allow you the flexibility to join in activities, fit in with the crowd and sit on a blanket without worrying about what you may be exposing. 

Wear stylish espadrilles that give you some height and bring along cute kicks (not your gym sneakers) to slip into for a few of the competitions. And carry a pretty tote or straw bag to hold your essentials for the day like sunscreen and sunglasses. Add in deodorant and a travel pack of baby wipes so you can clean up a bit and appear fresh if the day is really hot.

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Q.  I’m getting married in September and I’m a little stuck on my bridesmaid’s colors. We ordered their dresses because we thought the dresses were hot pink, however they are more of a fuchsia. My colors are hot pink, light pink and a summer green. What do I do about the dresses being fuchsia? I soooo don’t know what to do and I’m freaking out.  I already bought some hot pink stuff and the flower girl…..her skirt is hot pink.
-Pretty in Pink, Pink and More Pink 

A. Wow, you really love pink. If you can’t exchange the dresses, stop fretting.  The freaking out will only consume you, bug your fiancé and upset your bridesmaids.  I understand and empathize with your problem - biggest day of your life and all - but remember it’s about you and your fiancé getting married and spending your lives together, not the colors matching.  You can’t make your bridesmaids buy new dresses. If all the bridesmaids have the same color on, it will look like you intended to have them wear fushchia-one more shade of pink. Say you just couldn’t get enough of all shades of pink. If guest or family member makes a comment, say there was a little snafu, but you just let it roll off your shoulders to enjoy the important experience.  And if you want to change something, then get a different skirt for the flower girl.

Q. I cannot believe that I am writing to you for fashion advice.  I feel that I am pretty fashion savvy and pride myself on being appropriately dressed for every occasion.  Here is my dilemma:  I just bought a cream colored Theory sundress.  It is two layers of gauzy material and when I first picked it up, I thought it might be see-through.  But when I tried it on I could not even see the red Hanky Pankys I was wearing.  It was just what I was looking for—perfect for my honeymoon in Greece later this summer.  This morning, I tried on the dress again and found that it is in fact VERY see-through in proper lighting.  Now, here is my question: what is the appropriate type of slip to wear with a sundress/slip dress that will not be bulky or look funny with a gauzy dress. I am 27 years old and have never worn a slip! 
-Peek a Boo 

A. Slips seem to be a thing of the past.  You’re best options are to wear a camisole of thin material in a nude shade or a nude bra paired with a nude thong or hipster brief.  If you want a little more coverage, go for a bodysuit style also in nude. None of these will add bulk and they’ll give you coverage without showing off underneath.


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Q. I work at the post office and we are not allowed to wear open toe shoes at any time.  It is summer and I love to wear capris. What kind of shoes other than sandals would look good with them?
-Toes Tucked In 

A.  Just because you’re wearing capris doesn’t mean you have to wear toe-baring sandals.  There are several options that still show off a little foot flesh and are stylish to wear with your cropped pants. Look for ballet style flats, closed toe espadrilles and wedges.  The ballet flats and espadrilles will keep the look casual and the wedge can give you some height, but still you give better foot support if you’re standing all day.

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