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Q. Where can I find a one-piece or tankini with underwire?  I am a size 16 and with D breasts, so I just can’t go without the wire.  I am only 28, so I don’t want a “grandma” suit, but I can’t wear a string bikini either.  Please help!
-A Southern Sunbather

A. Some of the best styles that give lift and support with no “grandma” concerns are halter-top swimsuits.  Look for ones with built in cups for the best lift and there are many swimsuits with discreet features like extra Lycra to flatten tummies and slim hips.  I love Miraclesuit, and they offer specific styles for D and double D cups. Below are a few of my suggestions and be sure to check out our latest Swim Style style recipe for more options.

Eb05Iu 0120212 216A1Solid-Color Wrap Miraclesuit
$102 at

167208 Af05 M1 Mia MD-cup Solid V-neck Halter Tank Swimsuit
$68 at

L1009098-1Venezia Sport rhinestone-accent halter tank
$89.50 at

Q. What basic color shoes should be in a woman’s wardrobe? Someone told me white, black and red but this seems out there.
-No Clue Shoes 

A. White as a requisite in your shoe wardrobe is definitely “out there.”  Very few people wear white shoes, and when they do, it’s usually a sandal or flip flop.  Word of advice: don’t ask that same person about clothing choices!   

It’s hard to determine what’s best for your wardrobe since your lifestyle and career can influence your needs and choices, but if you were to keep the colors and styles to a bare minimum, black and chocolate brown should cover you for most occasions and seasons. For the past few years, metallics have become essential neutrals, adding spark to everything from a cocktail dress to jeans and helping to alleviate the desire for “matching colors” from head to toe.  A bronze heel can replace your brown pump when the shade is wrong with your outfit, while silver and gold work well with a multitude of colors.  Finally, adding color to your shoe wardrobe, whether it’s a navy espadrille, a pink ballet flat or a green pointy-toe slingback can give new life to any wardrobe or polish even the most basic jeans and t-shirt look.

Q. When is it ok to wear capri pants in terms of time of year? I live in Canada and it’s now spring so is it ok to start wearing them?
-Cropped Pant Craving 

A. Go for it! Plenty of gals all around the country are sporting them.  But here’s my tip for the best fit and fashionable function: capris look best on women who are 5’4“ and taller; capris on petite girls will only make them look shorter or stunted.  To pull off the cropped pant for shorter heights, look for lengths that hit just above mid shin and higher up to a walking short length and pair them with wedges or heels.  And no matter what height, avoid a baggy leg.  As for season, some cropped pants (depending on color and fabric) can be worn all year long when paired with knee high boots and a sweater during the cooler months.

Q. I love the latest Bermuda shorts trends! I recently bought a great pair of denim Bermudas. I’d like to know what’s the best way to dress them up for a night out and dress them down for a casual outing. What types of tops and shoes go with denim Bermudas?
-Savvy Shorts 

17523A. For nights out, look for camisole tops paired with little jackets or vest-like tops and for day, choose longer length t-shirts or striped tops and layer cotton tops and tanks.  As for your feet, wear wedges and heels or strappy sandals at night and cute flats or espadrilles during the day. 40-Love Frt

The look at left is the a great way to wear your denim shorts at night (from For daytime, the cotton top at right (from is a fresh look.

Q. I came across your site and thought it was just great. I am going to my brother-in-law’s child’s christening. They are having a get-together at a restaurant after the church at about 3pm.  I was planning on wearing a simple v-neck, short-sleeved wrap dress (black) from Express, size 1/2.  It fits real nice and is knee length.  Should I just wear a simple black pump (I have a black leather pair with an ankle strap or do I avoid the ankle strap).  Or should I wear an open toe, but I wanted to avoid the pedicure, this week my schedule is real hectic.  And I am not crazy about open-toe shoes with pantyhose, and I wanted to wear pantyhose because I don’t have a tan right now. If you could suggest an actual shoe or website, would be great. Or should I just go with the simple slacks and dressy top?  I thought a dress was more appropriate, because I have two young girls 3 & 5 and I am dressing them in fancy dresses that I bought them for Easter.  Should my husband wear a suit? We are from New York but the christening takes place in Baltimore.
-Toes not ready to peep 

A. Go for the dress and wear something that gives more of a hint to the nicer weather like an open toe sandal or peep toe, and if you can’t get a pedicure just put on some nail polish and deal, since nobody’s going to be really eyeing your toes.  If you can’t bear to expose your toes, then choose a sling back and skip the hose.  I’m not a big fan of hosiery unless it’s tights or sheer black in the winter.  And don’t fret about not having a tan, it’s only April and unless you live in Florida we are all still looking a bit pasty so everyone will look the same.  Why not buy the Jergens moisturizer that gradually tans your skin without messy stains? You can find it at your local drugstore and by the time the christening date arrives you should have a nice glow. 

As for your husband, I don’t think a suit is necessary.  A shirt, nice slacks and a sport jacket will be spiffy enough.

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