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Q. I am looking for trendy summer shoes/sandals that have a closed toe (I don’t like my toenails to show).  I want something that looks like a sandal without being one. I love wedges and low heels.  I can’t wear really high heels. Flats are okay too.  I need a variety as I lost a lot of weight and all my shoes are too big! Plus, I won’t spend more than $50 on shoes.
-Kickin’ it on a budget

A. So I’ve completed the mission: checked out multiple shoe sites and and hopefully fulfilled your request of no toes, not a high heel, but a wedge is fine and not over $50. And congrats on the weight loss!

174876Volatile Footwear St. Tropez Sandal
$44.95 at

24488BC Footwear Charisma Sandal
$49.95 at

985-246477-D-1Yellow Box Banjo
$56.95 at

Q. I have a micro mini that I bought in Vegas years ago and I love it, but now that I just turned 30 I’m thinking I should get another one that isn’t so micro but still has sequins. There is one that I like that is gold and bronze colored and I know a crisp white dress shirt would look good but are there any other options? I’m used to wearing the black micro one with a fitted black blazer so my effort to move up to a slightly more conservative look is leaving me a bit confused. As a former ballerina I have the legs to wear daring looks so no worries there. Thank you in advance!
-Leggy Issues 

A. First off, 30 is not 50.  I’m jealous—I’d love to have fab legs to be able to wear a micro mini with my only concern being my age.  It sounds like you’re wearing the micro mini stylishly with a blazer rather than trashy with a tight revealing top.  You obviously have a thing for sequins, so I’m going to say buy the new slightly longer skirt so you get 10 more years of sequins and perhaps wear your micro mini at least one more time at a party for a proper send off.

66126 Gr7216Q. I’m attending a friend’s beach wedding in Australia this May.  I will be wearing the J Crew Grace Silk Faille dress in lime green.  My friend said it will be a lagoon setting so I should wear dressy flats or low heeled sandals.  Any recommendations on a good pair of shoes to wear with my particular dress?
-Wearin’ it low

A. Since you’re sticking to a low heel or flat, I’d suggest looking for a gold sandal and perhaps something with details like beading to keep the whole outfit looking festive for the wedding.

3832-212899-DKate Spade Boisterous
$298.95 at

1733-173970-DNicole Miller Fedora
$123.95 at

3034-237270-DPelle Moda Cadee sandals
$115.95 at

Q. I am the matron of honor for my best friend’s up and coming wedding.  I would like to know if it is appropriate or inappropriate for me to wear a cream color dress with silver/blue trim for the rehearsal dinner.  Please help…I have been struggling with this decision. Thank you for any help or advice that you can give me.
-Dress Stress

A. Why are you fretting?  It sounds like you’ve taken careful consideration by choosing an elegant dress for the rehearsal dinner.  Slip on the dress, accessories and a gorgeous smile and enjoy the dinner.

Q. I’m getting married on July 1st and uncertain what to give my four bridesmaids as gifts. I’d like to stick to a budget of $100 for each friend. Help, I don’t want to disappoint them.
-Giddy about Getting Married 

A. Don’t overthink your gift giving.  Remember that this is your wedding and a focused, prepared gift can be easily achieved and loved by all your friends without blowing your budget. Also, don’t assume the gift has to be a part of or worn on the wedding day. 

Since your wedding is in July, I have two suggestions: one that focuses on summer fun and one that is truly indicative of their styles. 

Screenshot-3Idea 1:

Purchase canvas tote bags like the much loved ones from Lands’ End and have them monogrammed for each of your bridesmaids. Then fill each with a big oversized beach towel, a cute photo album (include a special photo of you and your friend on the first page), flip flops and an inexpensive sunless tanner.  All together these items should total about $100 spent for each girl. 

06Ba8F5718C6717A8Bd9Cac7B4A69Ee6-1Idea 2:

Give a piece of jewelry that will be treasured and fits each girl’s style.  Choose a pretty necklace, a beaded bracelet or dangly earrings that will dazzle with many outfits in your friend’s wardrobe. When buying jewelry for about $100 or less for each bridesmaid, don’t fret if one item is $99 and another is $60.  The point is that you’re giving a gift that you believe they’ll enjoy.

Leaf Branch Charm Necklace, shown above, $65 at

Breath Believe Pearl-1personalized necklace, $95 at

Chm 3 Tiered NecklaceChristie Martin 3 Tiered personalized necklace, $105 at

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