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Q. I am a fashion consultant and have a client who is large in the bust area.  She is size 38 DD, but says her bras just don’t fit well.  Her dilemma is she wears great suits but the wrong blouses and sweaters underneath.  I want to help her accentuate her bosom, not hide it.  She is a corporate secretary and has to dress business conservative.  She wears too much black.  What can I suggest as far as blouses are concerned to give her a polished look without buttons bulging in her blouses?
-Fighting Button Bulge

A. The first order of business is to find your client good fitting bras.  A good bra can lift her breasts, minimize her bust and make her clothes look and fit better.  Many department stores like Bloomingdales have bra fit specialists who can help your client find the RIGHT bra. 

With a large bust, she should choose v-neck sweaters and avoid turtlenecks and crewnecks. She may also have to buy one size up in a blouse so she can button without the pulling effect and then head to a tailor to have any extra fabric taken in.  Better to know your local tailor and spend a few extra bucks to look good than wonder about your appearance and the impression you’re giving at the office with ill-fitting clothes.  And if she thinks black makes her appear smaller or more slender, then let her know that even red and navy blue can too when it’s worn head to toe.   A solid colored suit that’s not black paired with a subtle patterned blouse or knit top can make others turn and take notice in a positive way.

Q. I’m going to a spring wedding, but I’m having a hard time finding dresses.  What are some good stores or sites that have dresses that are below $100?
-Dress for Less

A. I love, love, love any chance to wear a dress. It’s one of my favorite things, but they can end up costing a pretty penny.  I scoured several sites for dresses  that were within your budget and wedding appropriate. Also, do a little online budget shopping yourself at sites like,,,,, and the junior section of for inexpensive dresses.

1603_59592_dtsleeveless satin dress
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black double v
flair dress
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P201671bKimchi & Blue
Velvet Beaded Dress
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Q. I love leopard print shoes, but have no idea how to wear them. I work in an office, but don’t know how to wear them so that they aren’t too showy or inappropriate. How can I work this?

Sp05f2677cA. Isn’t the idea of wearing leopard print shoes a chance to add a little panache to your outfit? Simple tips for wearing your leopard shoes in a professional office:

  1. Don’t wear other animal prints
  2. Keep the rest of your outfit classic
  3. Don’t wear more than one other pattern or print
  4. Don’t be shy about showing off your style

A pair of animal print shoes can make a classic outfit like a black or chocolate suit look more stylish.  And don’t assume that your top has to be white—choose other colors like burgundy, deep green, bronze, black or chocolate in silky blouses with a bit of shine.

Check out some of our favorite animal print pieces

Q. I love wearing shrugs with camisoles, but I’m wondering if one can safely (and fashionably) wear a shrug over a white blouse?
-Shrugging My Shoulders

A. Do you think you need a license to wear a shrug safely? It won’t bite. You’ll only know if the shrug looks good if you try it on with the white blouse and YOU think it looks good.  My only advice is that the blouse should be fitted and not boxy, oversized or appear to add extra bulk to your figure when you wear the shrug.  There are also shortened cardigans and 3/4 length sleeve cardigans that can look good with a button down shirt and still give you a shot of color and another layer with your outfit during the cooler months.

72233_bk0001Q. I recently bought this black chiffon skirt with sequins from J.Crew.   I am planning on wearing it to a semi formal attire party where everyone will be wearing dresses.  Any suggestions of what to wear on top?  Keep in mind that I’m only a teenager and don’t have the bank account I would like to have. Thanks!
-Skirt SOS

A. We like coming to the rescue of stylish budget-minded girls like ourselves.  I went “window” shopping on several sites for you and found several party-worthy tops that would do your skirt justice and not make your bank account look suddenly bleak. I decided to stick with black tops to give the illusion of a dress since you believe many girls will be wearing dresses. And each top has something to be desired whether it be sparkle, shine or a great shape. Don’t forget a great pair of earrings to finish the look.

Yq3631_001deep v-neck tank
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Sparkle & Fade
Sequin Inset Cami
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Sparkle & Fade
Glitter Tank
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