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Q. Your column is my favorite part of! I’m looking for some good-quality fitted tees with a modern cut: elbow-length sleeves and a boat or ballet neckline.  I’m having no luck with my search. Do you have suggestions?
—Tees Please I


Q. I have been looking for some longer length and not so tight T-shirts.  Most of the T-shirts I found in the stores are either too tight or too short.  I do have a little love handle (after having twins). I want to find some tees that are casual, hip but not skin tight and hopefully at a cheap price.
—Tees Please II

163581A. I put these questions together since t-shirts are no longer just t-shirts.  While they are classic staples to any wardrobe, they also need to work in our wardrobes by being stylish, fitting well and covering up our tummy’s while we wear low-rise jeans.  We did a segment about t-shirts on “The View” last month and realized after pulling in styles from so many designers that we could have filled a half hour of the show just talking about them, from fabric choices to fit to fashion.

Some of my favorites brands include Splendid, Vince, Three Dots, JCrew, Old Navy, the favorite tee from Gap, Adam + Eve, Lilla P, C & C California (the best for layering).  When I want to keep more money in my wallet than out, I always find great deals in the junior sections of department stores like BP at I adore the favorite tee at Gap, but am not as happy with their other styles and Old Navy has some great ones, particularly their cotton pique polos. 

But, just like other wardrobe items, it helps to try some on to get the right fit.  If you choose to go with classics like three packs of Hanes (the best bang for your buck), consider buying a smaller size to get a better fit.  For various shapes like boatneck and ballet neck lines as well as different sleeve lengths, I have several tees with a variety of neck lines from Club Monaco, great henleys from Three Dots and Splendid and 3/4 length waffle weave tees with from

We put together a list of some of our favorite Fall Tees for you.

Q. I love the look of many of the chic fur vests and jackets I’ve seen for fall—but I will not wear real fur!  Know of some good faux looks?
—Faux in the Know

A. How about these suggestions:

Persian Lamb Jacket
$98 at


Black Rivet Faux Persian Lamb Jacket
$128 at


Giacca Solid Reversible Faux-Fur Vest
$49 at

Reversible Faux-Fur Vest
$39.99 at

Q. I have a navy pinstripe pants suit and a navy skirt suit.  Navy shoes are hard to find right now!  Is it okay to wear black with navy?  I thought I read somewhere a while ago that this is okay.
-Navy or Not

A. Wearing black with navy is usually the best option since trying to match the right hue of navy clothes with navy shoes can be exasperating.  Also consider colors like olive green or burgundy to give the outfit more stylish sophistication.

CARLOS by Carlos Santana Sizzle
$117.95 at


BOSS Hugo Boss 91255
$147.95 at

Q. I seem to be doomed with limp locks. No matter what cut, style or length…the gang always plays dead. What simple product can you recommend for an “on the go” gal to help turn up the volume?
- Limp Locks

04385988904A. I asked our beauty contributor, Mickey Williams, for help with your limp locks. She recommends the Kerastase product line. The only issues with this line are price, and that you practically need an expert to tell you which product you should use. Ask your hairstylist to look at the texture and volume of your hair and to write the “prescription”.

Another sure way to make the gang play is to get a bottle of Beach Spray from Bumble and Bumble and use this product exactly as directed. The salt in this product brings curl to even pin-straight hair. Another thing to consider is using a leave-in conditioner rather than one in the shower. Sometimes we can over condition hair, creating a heavier strand that just lies flat. Again, Bumble and Bumble makes a very lightweight leave-in conditioner that is exceptional. It’s a bit more pricey, but the results are worth it.

Check out to shop for these products for free shipping and discounts.

Q. I have been searching everywhere for a good quality hair straightener that dries and straightens hair at the same time. I know that there are a lot out there, but I am looking for one that really works. I was wondering if you could help me find one for under $100.
-Flat Out

B00019Mjq8.01-Aujfgu7Cgs4Fi. Scmzzzzzzz -1A. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen a perfect drying straightener on the market. Reason being, the time it takes to get tangled hair or wet hair through them. BaByliss Pro 1½“ Vented Ceramic Straightening Iron is the best one I have seen in this price range, but hair can be at most damp when you begin.

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