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Q. I have a question in regards to metallics. I really like this hobo bag in which the color comes in a vintage gold/bronze. I usually am into classic things and don’t usually follow trendy things. However, this hobo bag is beautiful and I want to wear the bag for a long time, but worry that metallics will be out soon. How long will metallics be in for? Or would it just be better for me to get the hobo bag in the brown color? I need your advice.

-Shine, shine, shine

E0444225997347 V1 M56577569831127049A. Unfortunately, there’s no surefire way to guess when trends come and go. Our style editor, Jennifer, has been sporting a fabulous metallic bag from Lorelei for months and her mom loves it so much that she bought one recently as well. The stores and sites we regularly visit are also still jam packed with metallics in bronze, gold, and silver for Fall (like the Audra Metallic Hobo shown left from Isabella Fiore at If you love the bag, then I say go for it, especially since it’s in a deeper hue for Fall. If you buy a brown hobo, sure you’ll use it, but there’s no guarantee that you won’t be bored with it in a few months. Just because it’s neutral doesn’t necessarily mean it’s useful, stylish or will make you feel good. Go with your gut - just don’t spend a bundle for the “trend.”

Q. I am going to a wedding with my boyfriend on Sunday, September 18th.  The ceremony is at noon and the meal will be served at the reception at 1:30 sharp.  The couple are friends of my boyfriend, attended Purdue University and were both part of the Greek system.  The bride’s family has a lot of money, so it will be a very nice wedding.  As a guest, what should I wear???  I found a Jessica McClintock brown satin dress that is trimmed with an ivory ribbon and has the ivory ribbon also criss-crossing down the right side of the dress.  It falls at the knee.  I love the dress, just can’t decide if it is appropriate for the occasion. 
-Best Dress

A. The best way to decide what to wear is the dress code that is usually stated on the invite—did it say black tie? From the description of your dress it seems that you found THE DRESS to wear to the wedding.  And even better, if you love it, then wear it.  Clothes always look better when the wearer loves them and feels great in them.  It’s all about the attitude!

Q. I was watching your segment on T-shirts on “The View” on August 3, 2005 and Elizabeth mentioned something she uses instead of “petals” and I believe she called them “chicken cutlets”. Could you tell me what they are used for and where they can be bought? This is the second time I’ve heard them referenced on a TV show. Thank you in advance for your assistance.
-Covering It Up

Pm Pc-P9006A. TV lights may be strong, but the temperatures in the studio can be frigid, so a girl has got to cover her nipples. Often with sheer tops and low cut shirts, it can take more than just the right bra to achieve a clean, smooth look. That’s where the handy secrets of stylists come in.

The “cutlets” Elizabeth referred to are small curved silicone shapes that look like chicken cutlets and can be put in the cup of your bra to give you the illusion of cleavage and a little more size. (Preciani silicone enhancers, shown left, $58 at

555Fas.FpxPetals are lovely little items to place over your nipples to hide the “cold factor” and cover up under a sheer top. They have two versions—a flat version and now a version with a little gel like center that still stick right onto the nipple and come off easily. (Fashion Forms breast petals, shown right, $6 for package of 3 at

8450Fas.FpxAnd lastly, there’s the cutlet-slash-bra. It’s as if they took two cutlets and added a clasp in the center with a sticky back. These are perfect under a top or dress when a regular bra is impossible. This is best for girls no bigger than a c-cup. They stick onto your breasts and can take a little finagling to figure out the right fit. (Fashion Forms: Nu Bra Divine Body Bra, shown left, $65 at

Q. I have very pale skin and have experimented with sunless tanners for years. I recently started using Neutrogena’s MicroMist spray (which Stylebakery recommends) and I love it! But I was wondering, how often should I reapply? I don’t want to get too dark but I want my color to be consistent so it doesn’t look fake.
-Fake Bake

300-7A. The look of most sunless tanners only lasts a few days and then you have to find the time to reapply, wait to dry and hope your elbows, ankles and hands don’t look funny. So, for the sun-kissed look all year long without hand stains, try the new Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer. They make it for fair and darker skin tones and you can use it every day to maintain color over time.

Q. I am an 18-year-old heading off to college in a month. I will be going to a school where the dress code is jeans, flip-flops or tennis shoes, and a shirt with the university name or logo on it. I would like to look a little more classy than that. What should I wear to look casual, fashionable, and comfortable in the dorms, going out, and to class?
-Casual with Class

A. Does the college actually have that “dress code” written in school literature? I assume that you are going to a college in a warm weather state, perhaps Florida or California? Think of college as your first steps towards defining your own style. You may go through multiple looks from freshman year to graduation, just like some students change majors. But this is the best time to experiment: be girly with sundresses while the weather is still warm and add gold or silver flip flops; be bohemian with a tiered skirt in ombre, a bold color or a fun print and add a tank and long strands of beads; embrace denim with dark jeans or a mini or wear colorful cords and add cowboy boots and a fitted blazer. College was the time when I also had fun discovering vintage clothing on my limited budget. Enjoy!

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