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Q. I have a Bat Mitzvah to go to on September 3rd. The services are in the morning with the party to follow. The party will be at the temple also. What do I wear to this? I never went to an afternoon affair. I don’t want to be underdressed but I don’t want to overdress either. I have a black skirt with sequins and was wondering if I could wear this with a tank or tee shirt and strappy sandals and a funky necklace or would a skirt with sequins be too much for a daytime affair?
-Afternoon Affair

A. A skirt with sequins is fine as long as the top is toned down. Since the entire affair takes place at the temple, be sure you are respectful and have some kind of wrap or a little jacket or cardigan to cover your shoulders during the religious services. If it is an orthodox affair, your skirt should be long and skip the tank. Sequins on your skirt are ok provided you don’t look like a Vegas showgirl! Otherwise, you have the right idea for afternoon affair, funky necklace and all.

Q. It’s that time in my life where every other friend of mine is turning 30. What gift ideas do you have? I would like to give my friends something personal, funky or cute - what do you think?
-Almost 30 and Almost Loving It

A. Embrace the sweet life, being thirty is great! And you’re looking for gifts just in time, we girls at StyleBakery have created a brand new gift guide that should help you find gifts, whether you’re looking for stylish, intimate or fun. Check out the Great Big, Every-Occasion, Something-For-Everyone Gift Guide.

Q. I have a high profile military funeral in August in DC to attend and I (thankfully) haven’t been to a funeral in many years. I want to be comfortable in the heat, but dressed appropriately and look sophisticated and fashionable all at the same time. All I can find these days are party/sun dresses. What is appropriate as far as color and length/style and where would I find such an outfit?
-At a loss…

A. It’s still always best to wear black to a funeral, and it doesn’t have to be a dress. If you wear a black dress, be sure your shoulders/arms aren’t exposed (out of respect you should be covered in any house of religion). Be sure the dress doesn’t look like it fits in better at a cocktail party. If not a stylish, slightly conservative dress, then opt for a simple skirt and top or even a neutral or dark suit. Just stick to colors that are neutral like black, brown, cream, or navy. You can add accessories, a colorful top and heels to complete the look.

162960Q. Love your site! I’m looking for a fun dress for my upcoming birthday party. I love the look of the new little lace dresses coming out, specifically the J.Crew French lace number and the longer one from BCBG Max Azria. But I’m looking for something closer to a quarter of their price…Any suggestions?
-Lace Luck

A. Stylish minds think alike! I just bought this dress for myself—it’s super cute, stretchy and comfortable for a lace dress. And even better it’s inexpensive.

Necessary Objects Lace Baby Doll Dress, $78 at

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