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Q. I want to buy a chic but classic little bag to wear for evenings out or to go to dinner. I’m willing to spend a few hundred dollars, but want to make sure whatever I buy won’t go out of style in a year. Can you recommend something?

A. Absolutely! Look no further than a classic Chanel-inspired quilted bag with a chain handle. Though the Chanel original costs a lot more than a few hundred dollars, there are plenty of gorgeous bags that “borrow” the look, from designers like Michael Kors, Tory Burch and Rebecca Minkoff, that are well within your price range. Not only is this a classic bag you’ll wear for years, but it also happens to be incredibly “in” right now. Here are some beautiful options for you:


Q. I’m trying out a new look-bangs!-and I need some headband ideas! I don’t really know whether to go for a thin band or a thick band or a patterned band or a solid band…gah! I don’t even know what color would go with my hair (it’s a very vivid shade of blonde at the moment). Any suggestions?

A. I love a great headband, not only for its style, but also for practicality. The options are endless, whether you have bangs or not, or are blonde or brunette; there are thin and thick styles, plastic, metallic, jeweled and even scarf styles. There are no rules, so experiment with your favorite styles, wearing your bangs blunt or pushed to the side for a different look.

Our one recommendation? Avoid the hippie-influenced middle-of-the-forehead headband - this fleeting trend thankfully seems to be over. Instead, opt for a classic, feminine look like the celebrities below, each wearing a chic headband perfectly:


Here are some stylish headbands to consider:

Q. After what feels like the 100th snowstorm this winter, I have come to the conclusion that my winter boots just aren’t cutting it. I need something that’s cute, warm and waterproof. Any suggestions?


A. Though it might seem late in the season to buy a good pair of snow boots, it’s actually the perfect time. Just about everything is on sale, and whatever you buy this year, you’ll certainly wear next year and for years after that. So buy the best quality boot you can afford, it will be worth it! Below is a selection of stylish and functional winter boots that will almost have you wishing for the next snowfall.

Q. I want to know at what point or age, should a female stop wearing mini skirts? I am a mother of two little girls and I am 5’6” and in my mid-thirties. I am an avid runner, so I have shapely, defined legs. I was wearing a denim mini one night being out with my friends and one of my friends says to me, who is the same age as me, “Aren’t you getting too old to be wearing mini skirts?” Since then, I have questioned whether I should donate all my mini skirts.

A. As long as you feel good in a mini skirt, there is no age cut-off for wearing them - and certainly mid-thirties is not too old. The big question is HOW are you wearing your mini skirt? Whether you’re wearing a mini, a maxi, or anything in between, it often matters more the style of the items you’re choosing, rather than the length, when figuring out if something is age appropriate.


Denim minis can be tricky, since there’s often a fine line between dressing like a teenager and dressing your age. For example, if you’re wearing your denim mini with Uggs and a pink tank top, a la Pam Anderson circa 2002, or with a cropped top and cowboy hat like Lindsay Price above, then it’s probably too young for you. But if you’re wearing it with a tasteful top and flats like the lovely Reese Witherspoon shown here, or something similar to the look at right, then by all means you are dressed age appropriately.

If you’re unsure of whether your denim mini looks too young, there are plenty of other ways to show off your slim legs in a sophisticated way, like a short tunic dress or short skirts that are not denim.

In the meantime, don’t let your friends discourage you from wearing short skirts. If you feel good, then wear one!

Q. Can short girls rock wide leg jeans?

A. Follow the lead of famous petite girls, Kylie Minogue and Rachel Bilson, and yes, short girls can wear wide leg jeans. Here are a few tips for wearing them to achieve the most flattering look:


  • If you’re slim, opt for high waisted wide leg styles which will help elongate your legs.

  • Always wear heels (chunky styles work best), which will also help to elongate your legs.

  • Opt for a slim fitting, tucked in shirt.

  • Look for styles that are slim through the hips and thighs.

  • If you are petite and long waisted, with shorter legs - avoid this style!

  • If you are petite and plus size - avoid this style!

images via denimology

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