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Q. I’ve had my eye on Hunter Boots for almost 2 years now. Each year, I feel like it won’t be in style the following year and that I shouldn’t invest so much in Rain Boots (since I live in Sunny Southern California). After 2 years, I still want them. I wanted to know if it would be a good investment for my boot collection. If so, any recommendation on color and what type of outfits to pair it with?


A. Even in sunny southern California, you still need to be prepared for the occasional rainstorm - and there’s nothing that’s more practical and stylish than Hunter boots (or Wellie-style rain boots). Wellies are the rare combination of classic and trendy style. The key to finding a pair that you won’t tire of is to choose a simple color, rather than some of the flamboyant prints that come in and out of style. Believe me, you’ll wear your rubber boots for years and years. The color you choose depends on your personal style, but here are some options with staying power from Hunter and other brands:

As for what to wear them with, they pair easily with skinny jeans and leggings. But we also love them with shorts, dresses and skirts - perfect for sunny California! Here are some more ideas on what to wear with your rain boots.

Q. I put together a black sequin blazer on a black chiffon dress that formed a glorious mixture. I wonder what accessories I can wear with such an outfit. I do know which bag and shoes that go along, but I can’t seem to figure out what necklace, earrings, and bracelet, etc., noting that I will be attending a cocktail party.


A. Since you’re wearing a dress with a jacket, consider skipping the necklace (which might compete with the sequins) and opt for dramatic earrings and a cocktail ring instead. The great news is that black provides you with limitless options! You can go simple with black, diamonds or pearls, or add some colored stones for drama. Here are some suggestions:

Q. I am almost 6’ tall with an athletic/hourglass figure. I can range in size from an 8-14 depending on the season. At an 8, I’m about as lean as I can get and at 14 I’m enjoying extra goodies and drinks, but still not “overweight” by any means. I know it’s not a good habit, especially for my closet.


I am a 12-14 right now. I have a pair of dark skinny jeans that fit really well and an awesome pair of on-trend knee high, flat brown boots. Are these ok for me? I feel like I should wear something to cover my larger parts (hips/outer thigh), but am having a hard time finding the right look. I’ve searched for long tunics and sweaters, but am just not sure what to wear with my skinnys/boots…or if I should skip them until I am smaller again?

A. Yes, yes, yes! You are tall, found a pair of dark skinny jeans that look great on you and have amazing knee high flat boots - what more can a girl ask for? Whether you are a size 6 or a size 16, your tall frame is made for this look! Your instincts are correct to look for sweaters, blazers and tunics to help conceal your bulges and give you a lean silhouette. Here are some options for you:

Q. I am a 58 year young woman and will soon be going out on the town with some people I do not know that well. We are planning an overnighter in NYC to take in some music and cocktails etc. The couple we are going with are younger than we are. I want to look stylish and age appropriate. I am plus size while the young lady is svelte. Needless to say I am a bit insecure about my figure. I would love help! Advice I have been getting ranges so much that I do not know which way to turn. (from jeans to leggings, flats to heels etc.)

0451797353099R__ASTL_300x400.jpgA. Sounds fun! For your night out in NY city, I would recommend a chic great-fitting dress. With a dress, you don’t need to worry about coordinating your top with your bottom, so all you need to focus on is shoes, bag and jewelry to look stylish and put together. Pair your dress with pumps or knee boots, whichever you feel most comfortable in, though I would definitely recommend a heel instead of a flat. Wear opaque tights or bare legs, whichever you prefer. Here are two looks for inspiration:

Q. I just bought a pair of leopard print shoes, and I need help! Other than a white shirt and black pants, what do I wear them with?

A. Leopard flats are a serious favorite of mine, so you’re asking the right girl! Over the years, I have collected no less than 6 variations of the leopard flat. I wear them with literally everything. They do look good with black and white as you mentioned, but they also look great with denim, red, camel, olive green, purple, orange, jewel tones… in fact, I can’t think of many colors a leopard print doesn’t go with.

This season, I’m particularly loving leopard prints paired with military-inspired pieces like cargo pants in khaki or olive green. I also love them worn with a ladylike camel coat or camel sweater and a pair of dark jeans.

The bottom line? Don’t feel boxed in to wearing your leopard with just black and white, they work with just about any color in your fall wardrobe!


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