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Q. What exactly is the difference between a regular blazer and a “boyfriend” blazer? I’m an attorney, and I have a closet full of dark suits and cute blazers that I wear to work. Will these work as “boyfriend blazers” over dresses and jeans? I can roll the sleeves up, like I’ve seen in pictures, but most of them are a bit more fitted than the pictures I’ve seen. Does that ruin the look?


A. When boyfriend blazers first appeared on the scene last year, the term referred mostly to the oversized, somewhat slouchy blazer with a longer length, often with rolled up sleeves. However, in the past year, I’ve seen the term applied to traditional, more tailored blazers as well. Without getting caught up in terminology, or what is or isn’t a boyfriend blazer, what you’re really asking is whether you can wear your tailored suit jackets and blazers with dresses and jeans in a stylish way. You’ll be happy to know, the answer is yes!

You’re on the right track by rolling up the sleeves, this will instantly add a more casual vibe to your work blazers. Keep the look loose and light by keeping it unbuttoned. Try pairing it with everything from flirty dresses and rompers to jeans and shorts.

Q. The ladies here in the office are wondering…can we wear a maxi dress to work? Our office is business casual; however, we cannot wear jeans. Though some women dress in suits/business attire, others wear capris and sandals everyday.


A. Personally, I think that maxi dresses are too casual and bohemian for the office and should be reserved just for weekends. Of course, there are dressier maxi dresses which work for parties and evening events, but these, too, are not meant for work. That being said, some of us here at StyleBakery feel that you can get away with a maxi dress if you work at a really casual or “trendy” office, or if you save it for summer Fridays.

There are ways to make a maxi look somewhat less “beachy” if you do choose to wear one to work:

1. Avoid strapless maxi dresses unless paired with a jacket or blazer

2. Wear with sandals or heels that are appropriate for your work place. Avoid flip flops.

3. Try adding a blazer or cardigan and even a belt to dress up the look.

The bottom line: use your best judgment. If you aren’t sure if the maxi is appropriate for your office, then it’s best not to wear one.

Q. I am going to a Vegas nightclub in a couple of weeks and I want to look HOT but not hoochy, what can a 40-ish woman wear that will still catch my husband’s eye while looking classy?


A. Take a cue from our favorite 40-something women: the ladies of Sex and the City. In the latest movie, Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) wore several dresses from Halston Heritage for a night out on the town. These retro-inspired dresses are sexy and sophisticated, without showing too much skin. Add a pair of dramatic earrings, gold bangles and your sexiest metallic heels and you’re set. Another option is a pretty printed top with slim white jeans and heels. Here are some looks for inspiration:

Q. I’m OBSESSED with Bottega Veneta’s Cabat tote. I can’t afford 5k for a handbag. Is there anything out there that’s close? I don’t want “pleather” but a nice woven authentic leather. I’m not looking for a purse, more of a tote. I can spent up to $500.


A. You have good taste! Not only is the BV Cabat a gorgeous, luxe bag, it’s also a classic that will never go out of style. We found a few rich looking woven leather totes ranging in price from $240 to $500. Though not as oversized as the Bottega Veneta version, they are all equally as beautiful and timeless:

Q. I have a pair of blue and white print shorts, but I am confused on how to wear them. Please give me suggestions on color combos for tops and shoes.


A. Your blue and white printed shorts work with virtually every color, including: white, yellow, pink, green, orange, navy and purple. If choosing a colorful top, stick to neutral shoes like tan espadrilles, if wearing a pale top, you can experiment with bright colored shoes like red, yellow or orange. The final verdict? Your shorts are much more versatile than you think!

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