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Q. I love the look of sundresses in the summer, but I’m a bit self conscious of my arms. Every dress I see seems to be sleeveless! Can you help me fun some pretty casual dresses with short sleeves?


A. You’re right, it’s not easy to find a casual sundress that has sleeves. In addition, designers tend to compensate for coverage on the arms by shortening the length of the dress, which makes it difficult for women no interested in showing a lot of skin. After hunting around, we found 8 beautiful and breezy day dresses that aren’t too short and have sleeves - just add sandals!

Q. I love the skinny cargo pant trend! How can I dress them up to make them appropriate for the business casual dress code at the office?

A. We are huge fans of this surprisingly flattering (and fun!) summer trend. Obviously, skinny cargo pants are appropriate for weekends and non-work environments, but incorporating them into your work wardrobe can be tricky. If you work in a business casual or casual office, we recommend pairing your skinny cargos with a feminine top, button down or blazer and a pair of heels. Save the tank tops and flip flops for your off hours, as these are too casual for any office. Here are some looks for inspiration:

For affordable skinny cargo pants, check out our picks for under $100

Q. I love all of the summer bags you featured today and I’m hoping you can do the same with summer clutches. I have a few parties and events this summer and I’d love to wear a pretty clutch with my summer dresses.

A. Summer fashions and lush tropical evenings call for bags with an island-inspired vibe, in simple shapes and natural textures like raffia, canvas and wood. These clutches are the perfect blend of glam sophistication with a laid-back attitude that easily moves from day to sultry night:

Q. Is it still ok to wear my black leather hobo bag, or is it too heavy for summer? Can you recommend some more summery styles to wear every day? I don’t want to spend a lot on a summer bag. Thanks!

A. While not necessarily a faux pas, a black leather bag tends to look a bit heavy next to lightweight summery clothes. There’s no rule that says you should replace it, but if you’re in the mood to lighten up, here are some chic summery bags that are perfect for everyday and under $100:


Q. I am always on the hunt for alternatives to a classic t-shirt to wear in the summer with skirts and shorts. Can you recommend some that are under $50?

A. With all the pretty t-shirts available this summer featuring embellishments, ruffles and more, there’s no reason to settle for a plain t-shirt anymore (unless, of course, you want to!) Here are some pretty options, all under $50:

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