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Q. I’d like to know how to look fashionable wearing Dansko clogs. They are so comfortable… but I’m transitioning from high heels and want that chic look. Is it possible?

A. Lucky for you, clogs are a big trend for Spring. Chanel featured them with virtually every look on the runways, including dresses, skirts and skinny pants:


Of course, the clogs shown on Chanel’s runway were hardly of the comfort variety, featuring high chunky heels. However, you can get inspiration from these looks to wear your Dansko clogs with slim-cut pants, jeans, shorts and flirty dresses.

Here are some variations of the classic clog for spring:

1033510-p-MULTIVIEW.jpgQ. I am interested in buying a taupe Korset bootie from Steve Madden, but I am having a hard time figuring out what to wear with them. Please help!

A. The answer to your question: anything and everything! Lace up booties are a hot trend this season, pairing easily with everything from jeans and leggings to skirts and dresses. The neutral taupe color you’ve chosen looks great with black, denim, brown, red, pink… In fact, we can’t think of a color it doesn’t look great with!

Q. I’m going to a Winter Wedding and want to wear a pair of pink pants, they are lined so they were meant for Winter, will wear them with brown boots, is this OK?  And what color top should I wear?

A. As you can tell from our site, we are huge fans of pink and brown paired together. However, the combination of pink pants and brown boots just sounds too casual to be worn to a wedding, even an informal one. If you are going to wear pants, they should be a dressy style like a tuxedo pant or a dressy black pant, and worn with dressy pieces like evening shoes and a sequin jacket or lace top.

If you feel that your pink pants are dressy enough to wear to a wedding, then pair them with a strappy heel instead of your boots. Silver, gray, gold or even black shoes would work. The top, of course, would depend on the shoes you choose, but look for something that will add an evening feel to your look.

Here is one way to dress up your pants for the wedding:


Q. I received a pair of Stuart Weitzman Leopard boots for Christmas and am wondering what would look best with them. I am heading to LA for the Grammys and would love to bring them along. I don’t want to do something overpowering. Any suggestions?

A. Lucky girl with a hot pair of boots and a trip to LA for the Grammys! Leopard print boots and shoes add an instant shot of chic to any look. Since you are looking for something low-key, let your shoes do the talking by pairing them with neutral monochromatic clothing pieces.

Since you didn’t specify whether your boots were short or tall, we created two looks for you using both styles, one that is casual and one that is dressy.


_5700753.jpgQ. I bought a pair of Frye boots a few weeks ago (Jane 14 Tall Pull On) and LOVE them. I wore them with nylon leggings one day and they completely pulled the fabric (looked like an old cashmere sweater by the end of the day). Needless to say, they were ruined. I then bought a pair of 7 for all Mankind legging jeans, which I loved, until my boots did the same thing. I then learned I had to wear socks to cover my pants to protect them. So then, I wore nylons, with socks over them, and at the end of the day there were minor pulls. I am new to wearing tall boots and I am not sure if I should return them? Nobody else seems to have a problem with pants being ruined. They look great with my Fidelity jeans tucked in, but those jeans were so expensive that I don’t want them ruined too! I am totally out of the loop?? Is there a special sock I should wear? I hope to hear back soon—otherwise these boots are heading back.

A. We’re sorry to hear about the trouble you are having with your Frye boots pulling your pant fabrics. Several of us here at StyleBakery own Frye boots, and none of us have experienced the same problem. To prevent the issue from happening in the future, we suggest buying a few pairs of knee socks (not trouser socks which are too thin) and wearing them over your leggings, tights or jeans. Some people like to let their socks peek out over the top of their boots, but if this look isn’t for you, just fold your socks down so they are hidden inside your boot. This should solve your problem and protect your delicate pants.

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