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Q. I’m dying over the new sequin blazer trend and want to buy one to wear to a few holiday parties. However, I don’t want to spend a lot on such a memorable piece. Can you recommend some options that are around $100?


A. We’ll do even better than that - how about a few options for much less than $100! Here are several sequin blazers in various silhouettes that are well worth the money.

Q. I purchased this dress to wear to a holiday party, birthday party and a wedding this December. For the birthday party, I was thinking of wearing it with black leggings and black ankle boots and a black cardigan, to dress it down a bit. What do you think of that idea? For the holiday party and the wedding, what shoes? Maybe a black chunky pump or gray suede ankle boots? I’m having a hard time deciding!


A. Great dress! And I love that you’ll get at least 3 wearings from it. Your birthday party pairings sound perfect, alternatively you can try a black blazer or motorcycle jacket. The holiday party and wedding call for glam accessories that are a bit more special than a black pump or gray suede ankle boot (though these would be fine too). We suggest swapping the black belt that comes with the dress for something dressier, like a metallic or sequin belt. Add metallic shoes and festive accessories and you’ve got a look that will turn heads.

Here, we show three ways to style the dress (click on the accessories for buying info):

Q. Is it still ok to wear bell bottom jeans? I have some from the Gap that I got in the spring that are the dark wash and like new.


A. True, all we seem to see are skinny jeans these days, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear other jean styles. Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe is a huge fan of ultra flared jeans, proving that it’s always chic to march to your own beat. Since flared jeans have a ’70s vibe, we’re loving them with faux fur vests, belted shirts and leather jackets. Whatever you wear on top, make sure it has a slim silhouette to offset the wide hem of your jeans. Here are a few looks for inspiration:

Q. I will be spending the holidays with my boyfriend’s family this year. It’s a casual get-together at home and he says everyone usually wears jeans. It is the first time I’m meeting many of them, so I want to look good, but I also don’t want to overdress. What should I wear?


A. For a family celebration at home, you want to be comfortable but also a bit festive. We suggest a chic sweater dress with tights or a cozy sweater with leggings. Add some sparkly jewelry or a jeweled flat and you have the perfect casual chic look for the holidays. Here are some ideas for inspiration:

Q. I work in a business casual atmosphere where there is a lot of flexibility in appearance. I’m always annoyed with my shoes by the end of the day, even my flats. Are there fancy sneakers that I can wear to work with trousers or something equally comfortable?


A. Your appearance matters, even in a business casual office, so it’s always important to look neat and professional. Therefore, we are not fans of sneakers with trousers. If your usual shoes or flats are uncomfortable by the end of the day, you can try some of the many gel insoles available, like these from Dr. Scholl’s.

If the insoles don’t work, we recommend investing in a pair of Cole Haan shoes with Nike Air technology. They offer a huge range of stylish shoes that contain low profile cushioning. In other words, they look like a shoe but feel like a sneaker.

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