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Q. Where can I find an A-line, above-the-knee, navy blue skirt? It seems that navy is a staple color, yet I can never find a skirt in it.

A. Not only is a navy A-line skirt hard to find, but so is the classic above-the-knee A-line silhouette in any color. Most short skirts this season tend to be of the skater variety (short, pleated, flared) or a classic mini. We found some options for you that might fit the bill, though. Good luck!


Q. I’m having a difficult time finding stylish, lower heeled sandals. I’m looking for something 11/2 or 2 inches (wedge or sandal) to wear with shorts or casual dresses. Everything I find in those heights look clunky with a rubber sole that should be worn in a nursing home. Can you help?

A. A low wedge is definitely your best option. Here are 9 low heeled sandals in a variety of price points that would work with casual dresses, shorts and skirts. Bring on spring!

Q. I’m looking for a new work tote to carry some paperwork, my iPad and sometimes, a laptop. My current bag is plain black and pretty boring, I’m looking for something with a bit more style to it that I can carry every day to the office.

A. Your work tote is not only a functional necessity, it also contributes to your overall professional appearance, where oftentimes, making a good first impression is important. Take the opportunity to express some personal style with your tote, rather than settling for something basic and overly corporate. It’s worth it to spend a little extra on a bag that not only looks luxe and stylish, but will stand up to heavy daily use. Opt for something in a bright color or a chic animal print. Here are some totes we’re loving right now:


Q. Now that it’s freezing out, I’m wearing my gloves every day and hate having to take them off to use my iPhone. Can you recommend some gloves that work with my iPhone?

A. You’re in luck! Touchscreen or Tech gloves are practically everywhere right now and available in all price ranges. Here are some options that are cute and functional.


Q. I noticed that you guys answered a question about dresses that would cover up acne scars before, and the dresses were really cute BUT, most are out of stock now… Could you help me find some cute dresses that would cover up my chest acne?

A. Absolutely! Look no further than two of our favorite dress silhouettes: the shift and the sheath. Both of these styles will offer you a covered up top and are available with or without sleeves and in lengths that range from mini to knee-length. Since you didn’t mention budget or occasion, we scoped out a variety of day and evening dresses in several price ranges for you.

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