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Q. I recently bought a white twill blazer from Old Navy and would like some casual ideas on what to pair it with. I live in Florida and don’t have to wait til it warms up to start wearing it. Seems like it should be a no brainer and would work with just about everything but you always offer great ideas that I would never think of!

A. A white blazer is a great wardrobe addition this season, and yours from Old Navy is not only versatile, but affordable too! I applaud your decision to start wearing your blazer now - that old rule about not wearing white before Memorial Day is so outdated. To wear your white blazer casually, think of it almost as a replacement for a jean jacket, wearing it with day dresses, cargo pants, jeans, skirts, etc. Here are a few outfit ideas for you:

1. pair your blazer over a casual dress and wear with wedge sandals
2. wear casually over cargo pants and a ribbed tank, worn with flat sandals
3. layer over a printed blouse (it’s ok if the jacket is shorter than the blouse) worn with skinny jeans and heels
4. wear with a tee shirt, lightweight scarf, boyfriend jeans and ballet flats

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Q. I work at a conservative law firm on the east coast and I’d like to know what a feminine (yet appropriate) way to wear a skinny belt is. Can I wear it around my waist? If so what kind of shirts can I wear it with?

A. Not only can you wear a belt around your waist to work, but it is a major fashion “do”! Wear your skinny belt over tailored jackets, button down shirts, feminine blouses, shift dresses and fitted sweaters. Of course, the belt also looks great with pencil skirts, full skirts and trousers. Below are a few ideas for you:

Q. I am looking for fashionable, comfortable, durable shoes with heels that I can wear everyday (running errands, going to the parks with kids, etc.) Thank you!

A. Ahhh, the holy grail of shoe shopping: chic heels that are comfortable enough to wear all day long. Believe it or not, such shoes do exist! For your active lifestyle, it’s best to look for stacked heels that are 3” high or lower with a padded footbed. A small platform or wedge style allows for a more comfortable heel.

Since we’re headed into spring, here are few suggestions for you:

Q. I wanted clarification on the difference between weather proof shoes and water proof shoes.

f2e4e3e115f020e54db2f5562c06083d.jpg.jpgA. Weatherproof and waterproof are basically the same thing, though weatherproof usually refers to a warmer shoe meant for the snow. Both terms mean the shoe is designed to keep water out. Water resistant shoes, on the other hand, will reasonably keep water out but are not designed to be worn in standing water (puddles) or deep snow. For example, a rubber rainboot is waterproof, while a suede shoe treated with repellant spray is water resistant.  

Q. My wife and mother of the bride died in 2003. I remarried last year and my daughter is getting married this May. The question, what should my wife wear…the Groom’s Mother is wearing purple, my daughter has asked that my wife not wear purple also. Bridesmaids are in purple tones…..I’m thinking black, but don’t have a clue…thanks

A. My guess is that it will be an emotional day for your daughter without her mother at her wedding and since your wife was asked not to wear the same color as the bridesmaids and mother of the groom, she should respectfully select a dress in a low key, yet elegant, color. This rules out any “look at me” colors like red, cobalt blue, fuchsia, bright yellow, etc. White and ivory are of course off limits, and it’s best to avoid black as some people view this as the color of mourning. Likewise, the style of the dress should be somewhat reserved, no short hemlines or plunging necklines.

Here are some suggestions in appropriate colors:

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