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Q. I recently purchased this vintage-inspired dress for a black tie wedding. I’m looking to accessorize it with shoes and a bag. I want a vintage-inspired look without looking like I’m attending a theme party. Can you help me out? P.S. I’ll be wearing the dress without the straps.

A. What a gorgeous little black dress - and such a great price! Though it is vintage-inspired, you can wear it so many different ways, including modern, it’s a great addition to your wardrobe that you’ll likely wear for years to come.

Below are some shoe and bag suggestions with the vintage feel that you’re looking for. For jewelry, you might want to consider strands of pearls or a chunky large-bead short necklace. A brooch is also an option that you can wear at your hip or above your heart. 

Q. My wife and mother of the bride died in 2003. I remarried last year and my daughter is getting married this May. The question, what should my wife wear…the Groom’s Mother is wearing purple, my daughter has asked that my wife not wear purple also. Bridesmaids are in purple tones…..I’m thinking black, but don’t have a clue…thanks

A. My guess is that it will be an emotional day for your daughter without her mother at her wedding and since your wife was asked not to wear the same color as the bridesmaids and mother of the groom, she should respectfully select a dress in a low key, yet elegant, color. This rules out any “look at me” colors like red, cobalt blue, fuchsia, bright yellow, etc. White and ivory are of course off limits, and it’s best to avoid black as some people view this as the color of mourning. Likewise, the style of the dress should be somewhat reserved, no short hemlines or plunging necklines.

Here are some suggestions in appropriate colors:

Q. Hi! I am in my best friend’s wedding in July. We can pick our own dress and shoes but the dress must be navy blue and the shoes must be pink. Navy blue dresses and pink shoes are not very common items. Do you have any affordable suggestions?

A. Lucky you, the freedom to choose your own dress with few restrictions! Navy blue is a classic color that works well for bridesmaid dresses year round. Since you didn’t specify the length of your dress, we selected one long style and one cocktail dress, both equally elegant styles that you can wear again (yes!) There are many shades in the pink spectrum, so here are 3 options for you in various hues.
Q. Hi, my best friend is getting married in June. Her wedding colors are baby pink and chocolate brown. The Bridesmaid Dresses are tea-length. The top half is pink and the skirt is brown. She wants us to wear chocolate brown shoes but with money being tight I am having a hard time finding inexpensive shoes. Help!

A. Sure thing! Here are several styles under $90, some as low as $44!

Q. I have been invited to a wedding in which the attire is listed as “formal resort wear”. I have no idea what this means. This is a winter wedding in a cold weather climate. Please help me.

A. I’m having trouble figuring out why a bride chose “formal resort wear” for a cold weather wedding - a wedding in the tropics, I understand. Bride’s prerogative, I guess!

Resort clothes are typically vibrant, playful and cheerful; made of lightweight fabrics intended for a winter getaway to a warm climate. Formal resort wear is usually a little less dressy than typical black tie or formal wear. My guess is that the bride wants you to wear pretty dressy dresses that are fun, festive and bright. Pair yours with pretty metallic sandals and playful jewelry and you should be set.

Since it will be chilly out, wear your usual dressy coat and take it off as soon as you get inside. Have fun, and pretend you’re on a tropical cruise somewhere!

Below are a few dresses suitable for a formal resort affair:

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