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Q. I’m getting married in August and I’m going to have a Church Ceremony. My mom is basically MAKING ME wear closed toe shoes because according to her strappy sandals are inappropriate for a Church Ceremony. Is that true???? I really wanted to wear strappy sandals instead of big clunky shoes! I need help convincing my mom. She will listen to you!

A. Strappy sandals are acceptable for most modern church ceremonies. If you belong to an ultra conservative church, or just want to please your mother, you can wear a closed toe shoe for the ceremony and then switch to a more fashionable strappy shoe for the reception.
Q. I have a dilemma. I am going to a wedding in August and need something to wear! What is appropriate? The ceremony is on a Saturday at 1pm with the reception to follow…Help! Oh, just to let you know, I am 5’6” and a little chubby. Any suggestions?

A. Since there’s no indication of dress code, it’s always safer to dress up rather than dress down. For a summer daytime wedding, opt for a dress in a pretty color or print with a hemline ranging from a minidress to a maxidress. Here are some figure flattering suggestions:

_5609934.jpg _5629364.jpg _5629406.jpg _5635294.jpg _5639749.jpg
1. Phoebe Couture Bead Chiffon Dress, $248 at
2. Donna Ricco Sleeveless Double V-Neck Dress , $158 at
3. Adrianna Papell Bead Chiffon Party Dress , $198 at
4. Suzi Chin Maggy Boutique Print Stretch Charmeuse Dress, $158 at
5. Suzi Chin Maggy Boutique Gathered Matte Jersey Dress, $128 at
_5622850.jpgQ. I am attending a Black Tie Wedding this weekend. I purchased a black halter style gown. My question is …Do I wear a necklace? What type of jewelry would go with the dress?

A. Generally, you should not wear a necklace with a halter style dress. Instead, go for dramatic earrings and a cuff bracelet or cocktail ring.
image001.jpgQ. Wedding season is in full swing and I’m relying on this dress to carry me through several nuptials. I’m starting to have second thoughts on its overall cuteness and need help accessorizing to make it really pop with something like pink peep-toes or a yellow Pashmina. Also, can this dress translate from day to evening?
-Color Wanted

A. Don’t rethink the simple sophistication of this dress, it will work for those special occasions this summer and a lovely way to make it pop is with a shot of color. We editors at StyleBakery adore our Love Quotes linen blend scarves, they work as a wrap with just about every summery dress I own and I can’t do without them on my plane trips. They come in multiple colors, so choose a color and then add your heels as the potent pop to give flair to your look. I found several statement making pink strappy heels that would work with your patterned dress. As for a translation to daytime wear, tone down the look and keep it classic. Wear neutral heels or flat sandals and add a little cardigan or cropped fitted jacket and wear a thin patent leather belt around your waist over the cardigan or jacket. For sass, choose a belt in a color if the jacket or cardigan is simple.
6219-603288-d.jpg 6220-623342-d.jpg _5637382.jpg _5613451.jpg
1. Nine West Solelyn, $83 at
2. Nine West Argent, $83 at
3. Charles by Charles David ‘Soiree’ Sandal, $114 at
4.Martinez Valero ‘Camila’ Sandal, $126 at
6. Love Quotes Scarves, $85 at

For daytime:
_5610265.jpg erez-1.jpg erez.jpg
7. Leatherock Skinny Double Wrap Belt, $60 at
8. Cashmere V-neck cardigan, $158 at
9. Summerweight cashmere short-sleeve cardigan, $168 at

Q. Would you please clarify whether it is appropriate to wear white to a wedding? I have a dress that is cocktail length in white and has a black 6-inch lace band around the middle. I was planning to wear a black sheer jewel wrap and black shoes. The bride is wearing white and the wedding ceremony is not at a church, but at the reception hall.
- Guest in White

A. It’s always best to leave the focus in white on the bride. While your dress has a black band, it would still be better to wear any other color. And unfortunately the accessories are not distraction enough since you may remove the wrap for the festivities.

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