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Q. I’m getting married on July 1st and uncertain what to give my four bridesmaids as gifts. I’d like to stick to a budget of $100 for each friend. Help, I don’t want to disappoint them.
-Giddy about Getting Married 

A. Don’t overthink your gift giving.  Remember that this is your wedding and a focused, prepared gift can be easily achieved and loved by all your friends without blowing your budget. Also, don’t assume the gift has to be a part of or worn on the wedding day. 

Since your wedding is in July, I have two suggestions: one that focuses on summer fun and one that is truly indicative of their styles. 

Screenshot-3Idea 1:

Purchase canvas tote bags like the much loved ones from Lands’ End and have them monogrammed for each of your bridesmaids. Then fill each with a big oversized beach towel, a cute photo album (include a special photo of you and your friend on the first page), flip flops and an inexpensive sunless tanner.  All together these items should total about $100 spent for each girl. 

06Ba8F5718C6717A8Bd9Cac7B4A69Ee6-1Idea 2:

Give a piece of jewelry that will be treasured and fits each girl’s style.  Choose a pretty necklace, a beaded bracelet or dangly earrings that will dazzle with many outfits in your friend’s wardrobe. When buying jewelry for about $100 or less for each bridesmaid, don’t fret if one item is $99 and another is $60.  The point is that you’re giving a gift that you believe they’ll enjoy.

Leaf Branch Charm Necklace, shown above, $65 at

Breath Believe Pearl-1personalized necklace, $95 at

Chm 3 Tiered NecklaceChristie Martin 3 Tiered personalized necklace, $105 at

Q. I’m having a garden wedding this spring and am having a really hard time finding shoes.  I originally bought some silver ballet flats to wear with my simple, elegant A-line gown.  My toes peek out when I walk and the closed flats do not look very good. I really need to find something that looks great, won’t sink into the lawn and won’t make me tower over my fiancé (less then 2 1/2 inches). As far as color goes I’d love silver or white, but I’d even wear pink shoes. 
-Standing my ground   

A. Trying to navigate the outdoors on your wedding day can be tricky - you want a fabulous shoe that will fit the look of your dress, but you don’t want to get stuck in the dirt and lose your graceful poise.  Here are a few silver sandal suggestions that won’t have you sinking into the lawn or towering over your fiancé.

Barely there heels that easily navigate the grounds:


kate spade ‘boisterous’ sandal
$295 at


kate spade ‘bauble’ sandal
$350 at


A small heel to give you some height and still show off a pretty pedicure:


Lumiani ‘Quarto’
$89.95 at

Nina ‘Whist’
$82.95 at

Q. I’m having a beach wedding in May in Bermuda. My dress is a sheath style halter in silk charmeuse and the color is called latte.  It is best described as a deeper ivory color.  I am planning on doing the ceremony barefoot but for the reception (under a tent) I wanted some options for shoes.  I don’t want to do dyeables.
-Dyeables Don’t/Won’t Do

A. I’m not a fan of dyeables for anybody’s wedding. You need style and fancy flair in a fabulous pair of shoes that don’t scream matchy-matchy. Before you buy a pair of sandals, think about the length of your dress and what the difference will be between walking on the beach barefoot and then slipping on heels for the reception.  Do you want more height at the reception?  Might you slip onto the sand for photos and a view of the sunset?  You probably don’t want to be tied up or strapped into sandals that require more than slipping on and off for the occasion.  Enjoy the chance to be footloose and fancy free some moments on the beach or dance floor and other times, elegant and sophisticated.  And due to the “latte” color and choice of a sunny location, I would shop for dressy sandals in light gold tones. Here are my suggestions for your destination wedding that give you height and elegance, but also the chance to toss them off easily:


Nina Verlie Glittering Sandal
$79.95 at


Kate Spade Lover
$298.95 at


Nine West ‘Accolia’ Sandal

$68.95 at

Q. I am a bridesmaid in a wedding and the bride is concerned with what color shoes we should wear.  Our dresses are tea-length and chocolate brown.  Dyeables are not an option, as it is an outdoor wedding and the dye will run.  She’d like us all to be in the same shoe due to the length of the dresses. 
-Shoe Review

A. Just like we worry about the dress and the surefire phrase you can wear it again, you’d like to make sure the shoes you invest in can actually be worn on another occasion.  The chocolate dress and the shoes do not have to match exactly, and thank goodness for that since no one wants to look like a chocolate popsicle.  Your shoes can be a lighter or darker version of the hue of the dress or go one step further and look at bronze as your metallic choice to give the dresses more “shazam!” as Beyonce would say.


Nina Mabel Braided Sandal
$79.95 at


Chinese Laundry Wesley
$54.95 at


RSVP Venice
$89.95 at

69196 Gr7216Q. I am going to be married in the near future (we are considering eloping, so it’s a bit casual). To that end, I picked up the J. Crew whitney silk faille dress in pale green and am trying to figure out how to accessorize it. I’m thinking strappy heels and some sort of wrap with dangly earrings, but I’m not sure what to do color-wise since the dress is a light sage green color and I don’t particularly want to wear white with it. Would metallic sandals work? Where would I look for something like this (especially as I tend to need a 12W)?
-Wedding Shoe Woes

A. Just because you’re considering eloping doesn’t mean your wedding attire has to be casual.  It’s your day to shine whether it’s walking down the aisle at the Little White Chapel in Vegas, with your closest family on a hilltop in Hawaii or having a small gathering at an intimate restaurant.   

Shopping for a larger size shoe can frustrating since many designers do not produce larger sizes and when they do, they produce fewer styles and stores buy smaller amounts of the styles compared to sizes 7 and 8. It may take a little more sleuthing to find a stylish heel that accompanies the chartreuse dress, but my suggestions lean towards a metallic heel and these shoe picks all come in your size:


Special Occasions ‘Coco’ 
$143 at


Annie Selena 
$58.95 at 


J. Renee ‘Inga’ Sandal
$82.85 at

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