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mother-bride-jade-look.jpgQ. My son’s wedding is in April, afternoon nuptials, evening reception. The bridesmaids’ color is plum, the mother of the bride is wearing black. My dress is a dark jade—it goes great with my grandmother’s amethyst jewelry, but I can’t seem to decide on the right shoe/bag combination. I have a vintage gold sequin clutch, but the gold sequin shoes that I ordered in the picture are more of a rosy gold, so not the same color as the clutch. Should I opt for plum accessories or gold—or mix them? (My look is pictured here.)

A. Congratulations on your son’s upcoming wedding! Your dress and accessory options are lovely. The jewel tones you are working with look beautiful together: jade, amethyst, plum and gold.

As mother of the groom, you will likely spend most of the reception and all of the ceremony without your clutch, so your primary focus should be on choosing the right shoe for your dress. Personally, I prefer a gold shoe for a spring wedding, as the plum shoes have a heavy, wintry feel to me, though they would be perfectly acceptable to wear with the dress in April. In the photo you’ve provided, I prefer the lighter gold shoe with your dress, and it also works well with your sequin clutch — it’s ok if your golds are not exactly the same tone.


Q. What accessories (jewelry, bag) should I wear with a black cocktail dress and silver sequin shoes? The cocktail dress has a round neck with a V neck in the back and black soft ruffle down the front.

A. The simple answer would be to suggest silver and black accessories, which would look lovely and chic. However, a black dress and silver shoes also offer the perfect opportunity to incorporate a pop of color. Here are a few suggestions for you to mix and match as you please:


Q. I am attending a wedding on New Year’s Eve beginning at 7 pm at a traditional Methodist church. I am at a loss of what to wear! Is going sparkly too inappropriate?

A. I would say, if someone plans a wedding for New Year’s Eve, they better expect that people will bring on the bling! Ring in the New Year and toast the happy couple in a dress that is festive, yet appropriate for a church wedding. Skip anything too sexy, and perhaps forego something too bright, like red sequins, but other than that, have fun with your look. If you’re not comfortable wearing a sparkly dress, opt for some sparkling accessories, including shoes, instead.

The blue look on this page would work well, or try one of these festive dresses:


Q. We are eloping in Vegas at a strip chapel, I found this cocktail dress in ivory, however I do not want to wear ivory shoes and I will need something to cover my arms since it is chilly this time of the year and I want to wear the dress out to dinner and wherever else we go that evening, I want to keep it simple as my fiance is wearing a white shirt, dark jeans and black dress shoes. Please help, I am running out of time.

A. Congratulations! Regardless of how dressed down your husband-to-be is, it’s your wedding and it’s Vegas! Don’t be afraid to put on the glam! Cover up your halter dress with a chic tuxedo jacket (which you’ll definitely wear again) or a pretty sequin jacket. Match your shoes to your jacket and you’re set! Here are two ideas for you:

Q. I’ve got a soon approaching wedding reception to go to and after going crazy have finally found the dress I am going to wear. A little number hidden in the back of my closet, an off-white mini-sundress with ruffles —PERFECT for a lake side wedding. Only issue with the dress is that because it is made of linen, and not lined, it is see-though in direct sunlight. To not give my boyfriend’s family a show, I’ve been trying to find solutions to my dilemma and have run into a brick wall. Every half-slip or full slip is either too long or the cut isn’t right at the neck. Please be the gurus I know you are and help me figure out what I can do.


A. We can definitely help you find the correct underpinning for your unlined sheer dress. Since the top is closer to the body and you will likely be wearing a bra, you will only need a skirt-style slip for the bottom half; one that is short enough to wear under a mini dress.

That being said, you may want to think twice about wearing a white dress to a wedding. Though your linen mini dress can hardly be considered bridal, there are many who feel that a guest should never wear white to a wedding. If you are looking to impress your boyfriend’s family, consider whether they are traditional-minded when it comes to fashion before you wear white. Also, bear in mind that an all-linen dress will easily wrinkle, so you may not look as polished as you’d like after stepping out of the car.

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