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Q. I’m looking for skinny cargo pants for the summer to pull off a fun casual vibe without resorting to jeans. I’d love to mix the edginess of the cargos with flirty heels and cute tops, any suggestions that won’t break the bank?


A. We love this look for summer too, but the ultra-hot J Brand Houlihan is a bit pricey at $230. Here are some options under $100 that will look amazing with heels and a pretty top:

Q. I bought a black lace skirt that’s above the knee and a bit form fitting, what do I wear (top, shoes, jewelry) so it doesn’t look clubbish or trashy?

A. Take inspiration from these looks below and try pairing your short lace skirt with a soft t-shirt, tank or blouse to add some laid-back casual flair. Wedge heels or chunky black sandals complete the look. When the weather gets cooler, you can add a boyfriend blazer on top of the t-shirt or tank, black opaque tights and booties.


Q. When it gets too hot out to wear jeans, Casual Friday becomes the toughest day of the week to get dressed! Do you have any fashionable ideas for me? Thanks!

A. Casual Friday is the perfect opportunity to wear some of your less corporate, summery pieces paired with a pair of cute (not beachy) sandals. Trade in your jeans for stylish chinos, white jeans or slim cropped pants and pair them with light, airy tops. A lightweight jersey dress or shirtdress is an easy piece to throw on in the morning, and if your office allows, longer length sleek shorts are also a great option. For accessories, always have a lightweight scarf or thin cardigan on hand should the air conditioning kick into overdrive. Here are some looks for inspiration:


Q. Seriously, why are all the cutest dresses this season so short? Every one that I try on is cut so short, that I’m worried I will flash the world with the slightest breeze or if I lean over. What’s the trick to wearing these dresses for women who aren’t comfortable with minis?


A. I know what you mean, there are some ultra short minidresses out there this season, you wonder if anyone over the age of 16 can wear half of them. In cooler months, it’s easier to go short if you pair it with opaque tights, but in the warmer months, it can be trickier. If you do choose to wear a mini with bare legs, make sure you wear opaque boy shorts underneath so you’re covered in case a breeze blows.

If you just aren’t comfortable going so short, though, I’m right there with you. But that doesn’t mean we can’t wear some of this season’s cutest dresses. Try wearing a minidress with skinny white pants, leggings, or even shorts. Here are some looks for inspiration:

Q. I’m looking for skinny white pants or jeans to wear this summer with tunic tops and some of the really short dresses that are out there this season. Can you help me find some that are around $100?

A. Sure! A pretty printed top or tunic paired with skinny white pants is one of our favorite summer looks. Here are some options for you that are affordable and flattering:


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