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Q. I keep hearing about the new trend of wearing denim on denim. How can I pull this off without looking like a reject from 1988?


A. Truth? This is not an easy trend to wear. For me, it comes dangerously close to those horrid head-to-toe acid washed denim outfits from the early years of Beverly Hills 90210. Or bad high school pictures that make you cringe every time you look at them. However, if you’re determined to wear this spring trend, here are a few tips to pull it off in style:

D&G spring runway

1. Wear different colors

The easiest way to wear double denim is to wear two different colors of denim like the chambray shirt and white jeans combination shown above. Blue with black denim is also a great look.

2. Wear different washes

When wearing the same color denim, it’s best to pair two different washes. A light shirt with darker jeans or a dark denim jacket with lighter blue jeans works well.

3. Break up your denim pieces

Break up your denim pieces with a belt or a shirt to avoid looking like you’re wearing the same color denim from head to toe.

Q. I am in the process of applying and interviewing for jobs in the graphic design field. What are your suggestions for appropriate interview attire? I want to look professional and respectful, but also show style and personality. I think in the creative industry employeers will want to see individuality and style, but I’m not sure how to balance that with professional business attire.


A. Although you’ll likely be able to dress casually if you land a job in the graphic design field, you should dress professionally for the interview. You can avoid anything that looks too “buttoned up” or corporate, but you don’t want to wear anything too fun or funky that might be distracting. In other words, dress stylishly, but not too trendy; professional, but with a bit of personality. It goes without saying that you should avoid anything that shows too much cleavage and skirts that are too short (make sure you sit in your skirt to see how much leg shows).

A dress is always our favorite interview option, it is an effortless way to look pulled together without having to worry about matching a top to a bottom. Here are a few options for inspiration:

Black and white is a forever chic combination. The graphic print dress (above left) is a great alternative to a classic monochromatic sheath dress. Swap out the belt for something a little more stylish and layer on a black blazer for a look that is just right for an interview for a graphic design position. Black pumps and a chic tote with subtle stud details adds just a touch of trendiness.

For the look on the right (above), a solid colored shirtdress is the perfect background for stylish accessories. An elegant, yet not over-the-top, statement necklace and cuff bracelet show your creative personality. A neutral tote with interesting texture detail and gorgeous peep-toe pumps help create a head-to-toe chic look.

Q. Are pleated skirts out of style?


A. Pleated skirts are most definitely still in style. The most ubiquitous silhouettes this season are pleated full skirts and short “skater” style skirts. Whether you wear one of these or a more traditional pleated skirt, try tucking in a tank or button down shirt, or pair it with a jacket, cardigan or blazer. Here are some looks for inspiration:

Q. I’d like to go green for St. Patrick’s Day and was wondering if there were any rules on wearing green and mixing greens. I heard green is a trend for spring, so how can I wear green fashionably?

A. I’ve never been one to wear green on St. Patty’s Day, but lucky for you, it is a big trend for spring! We’re seeing everything from pale pastel and jewel tones to blue-green marine hues and military olives. I do love to see different shades of green mixed together, but it is not an easy look to wear head-to-toe. Try mixing in gold, copper, yellow, blue, nude and more to blend with your greens. Here are some gorgeous green pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe, for March 17th and beyond:


Q. I really, really want to get into this boyfriend blazer trend. I read about how versatile they are on fashion blogs, I see ladies rocking them at bars on my nights on the town; but, every time I see one in a store all I see are 1980s blazers-and-shoulder-pads turning women into linebackers in skirts and dresses. I’m plus size and pretty broad shouldered already with a large chest, can I really pull this look off on a night out or a casual day at work without having do to the Super Bowl shuffle?

A. You can absolutely wear a boyfriend blazer. The key is to choose a style without shoulder pads, since you’re already broad, and to look for a long, slim cut which will give you a leaner appearance. Anything that is boxy or too short will make you look wider. Be sure to wear a slim bottom and wear heels, if possible, for the most flattering look.


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