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Q. I want to wear this sweater for Thanksgiving but it will most likely be freezing. What should I wear under or over it?

A. This sleeveless cowl neck sweater is a little bit chunky for layering under a jacket or blazer, so try wearing a fitted long sleeve shirt underneath. Look for something v-neck or with a low neckline so it doesn’t interfere with the cowl neck of the sweater.


Q. I have a mini all over sequin gold dress with long arms and is backless. What color shoes should I go for? I was thinking skyscraper tall plain purple?? Please help as I’m really stuck.

A. Your gold sequin backless mini dress already has a “look at me” quality, so your best option is to let the dress take center stage by choosing subtle accessories. The gold dress shown here with black hosiery and shoes looks chic and elegant, rather than flashy. Here are a few sexy and stylish black shoes that would look great with your dress:

r47p26y.jpg.gifQ. I own a pair of PRPS bootcut jeans and I’m 5’6”. I can’t figure out what to do with the long inseam issue. I don’t want to get them altered because it would destroy the look of the jean. I tried wearing 4” heels and the legs still are too long. Is it appropriate to fold them up a bit and still wear with boots or is that tacky?

A. Cuffing a pair of bootcut jeans isn’t tacky, but it can be tricky. You can try doing a wide cuff to see how it looks, as long as it looks neat you can “shorten” your jeans using this method without looking like a fashion victim. However, since you already own the jeans, they aren’t worth anything to you if you don’t wear them. We suggest taking them to a good tailor and having the minimum amount of length hemmed - an inch or two shouldn’t have a major impact on the silhouette of the jean. Be sure to ask your tailor to use the original hem of the jean for the best look.

right: Prps Daytona Bootcut Jean,

Q. I am 5’3” and weigh 140lbs. I wear a size 6-8. I am fairly curvy with a butt and hips. Can I wear skinny jeans? I always feel like i am too big for them.

A. Yes, curvy petite women can absolutely wear skinny jeans. Many women are surprised how flattering a skinny jean can be when they try on a pair worn with the right accessories and top. Here are some tips for looking great in skinnies:

  • Pair them with a longer top that covers your tush and the widest part of your thighs
  • Wear them with boots or heels to help elongate your legs
  • When possible, opt for a monochromatic leg (dark denim or black skinny jeans worn with black knee high boots, for example) for a long, lean look


Here are a few looks to inspire you:

Q. I am attending a fall wedding soon and am wondering how to look stylish and classy while maintaining warmth (I live in a very chilly climate.) What would you recommend wearing to such an event?

A. When it comes to fall and winter weddings, we women often have to suffer the cold weather in order to look stylish. Strapless dresses and strappy sandals are worn year round, regardless of the outside temperatures.

Since your wedding is likely inside, you really only need to worry about dressing warmly for the short walk from the car. You can either invest in a pricey evening coat that you’ll rarely wear, or you can stick with a classic wool coat in 3/4 or longer length. I’ve even seen chic New Yorkers somehow “work” a puffy coat and black tie dress for a dressy evening out. Or, you can try one of this season’s big trends: a (faux) fur jacket or chubby. Not only will it look great with your evening dress, but it will look fabulous with casual jeans and a sweater. Here are some favorites at every price range:

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