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Q. I bought a pair of linen colored linen pants. Can you help me figure out what color shirt to wear? For example, can I do white even though the pants are more “Natural” in color? Or should I do a brown. And what about shoes? I have a great pair of bronze/bone slingbacks that look great with the pant, but again, don’t know what color shirt to wear with them.

A. The great thing about a natural colored linen pant is that it looks great with EVERYTHING. Crisp white paired with natural linen is a classic chic look, add in brown and bronze and you’ve got the timeless “safari” mix of hues. In addition to this neutral mix, natural linen looks great with pale blush colors, black and brights like turquoise, red, yellow, green, pink and orange, to name a few. Here is some inspiration for mixing colors with natural:

Q. I’m always on the search for a great t-shirt…my problem is that they usually aren’t long enough…any ideas??

A. Luckily, many brands are now making longer length (or tunic length) tees, we’ve featured a few below. Another option is to look for tees that come in tall sizes, like those from Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic. Finally, you can always layer a long tank underneath your tees to achieve the length you’re looking for along with a chic layered look.

Q. I recently bought a pair of unlined white linen pants that have a sash belt. I wanted to pair them with a “deep sea aqua” sleeveless fitted shirt and tuck it into the pants to show off the belt. Is it acceptable to tuck a dark colored shirt into unlined white linen pants? Or should you go with a lighter color shirt so that it cannot be seen through the pants?

whitelinenpants.pngA. Aqua and white are a gorgeous combination, however, if your shirt is showing through your pants, you should definitely go with a lighter color. Unlined white linen pants can be tricky, since many colors can show through. Also, be sure to wear nude colored underwear to avoid any show-through (white underwear is a big no-no!)

Q. I’m in my mid-40s and starting to go into menopause. Suddenly, I’m feeling like a wrinkled old lady and nothing in my closet looks good on me. I know it’s probably the hormones talking, but do you have any tips on how to dress my age and still look stylish?


A. Of course it’s the hormones talking! After all, you’re the same person you were a year ago, so menopause doesn’t mean you have to suddenly dress like your grandmother. And if you think hot flashes are all bad, watch this cute video at and you’ll feel better about your enviable flush. The point is, don’t let menopause steal your confidence and young attitude!

If you’re thumbing through the latest issue of your favorite fashion mag and just not identifying with the trends worn by the 20-year-old 110-pound models, you’re certainly not alone. But other than a few trends that are best left behind (we’re talking to you rompers and short jean shorts), most can be worn by women of all ages and sizes if you choose the right pieces. Often times, pairing a trendy piece with classic pieces like dark denim jeans or a pencil skirt is all it takes to make it seem age-appropriate.

Here are just a few of our favorite summer looks that look great on women over 40:

2. Full Skirt + T-Shirt: a full skirt with a simple top is one of those timeless trends that look great on women of all ages. Skip the flip flops and wear heels or chic sandals instead.
1. Floral Dress: Floral dresses often seem so young and girly, but these are sophisticated and chic.

This post has been brought you by Only in a Woman’s World.

Q. Please help! I purchased a tie dyed scarf from Old Navy with combination of hot pink, coral, and light lavender. I don’t know what color shirt to wear with it. I am thinking of wearing a jean jacket with it. What color shirt should I wear with jean jacket? If I wear denim trousers, what color shirt would look best? I love this scarf, but I am afraid of wearing too much pink if I combine it with a hot pink shirt.

A. Great purchase! We are huge fans of colorful summer scarves. Your pink dip dye scarf will really “pop” when worn with denim, so go for it. In addition to denim and white, don’t be afraid to mix colors (another trend we are huge fans of!). Here are just a sample of colors to wear with your scarf. Don’t worry too much about looking “matchy”, just experiment and have fun!


For more on how to wear summer scarves:

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